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The Vanishing Bees

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Bees are essential to the food chain, as they pollinate most of our food crops.  Without the bees there will be a significant drop in our agricultural harvest, which will result in shortages and rising prices.

This year many honey bee colonies have virtually vanished into thin air, as the hives are all but empty.  And to date no one is sure what has happened or why.

One scientist said this was an emergency, and it is.  In fact it is a clear and present danger to the security of the western world; it is a national security issue which is not being addressed.

Over the last several years many homing pigeons have vanished after release, they did not return home as they had so many times before.

Birds and bees navigate via the magnetic field of the earth and when that field is disturbed the birds and bees have no way to accurately navigate the rout home.

I consider the wireless transmission of very low frequency microwave communications to be a major part of the problem, as the resulting electromagnetic pollution distorts the dynamics of the field upon which the birds and bees are dependent for their navigation.

When we were restricted to ground line communications the electromagnetic effects were isolated to the confines of the telephone lines, but with wireless communications the electromagnetic effects are not isolated at all, they are everywhere.  There is simply no where you can go to avoid them other than tunneling underground.

We already know that VLF transmissions cause field distortions, which affect human memory and cause physical alterations to occur at a cellular level.

We have literally wrapped the planet in a web of microwave transmissions without considering the consequences and in some cases attempting to hide the consequences.

Now we have missing honey bee colonies in Europe, Canada and the USA on a scale that has never been seen before.

I spend a lot of time considering hard issues, such as the nuclear agenda and I’m okay with it, but this thing with the bees scares me.  This is more than serious, this is a full blown crisis, but without the appropriate responses.

Oh, isn’t that interesting.  Interesting, you might think it’s a bit more than interesting when you have nothing but potatoes to eat.

You see there is no way to pollinate all the crops by hand with a small paint brush, as it would take many millions of man hours to do what the bees have been doing every year without fail.

Without the bees to pollinate the crops they will be major food shortages and huge price increases.  So in effect many of us will simply not be able to afford adequate nourishment.  In some cases there will simply be no agricultural products to purchase, regardless of price.

So how important are these bees?  Once they are gone we will be on our way to oblivion too.

To think that the convenience of a wireless telephone or a wireless pc could be viewed as more important than our food supply indicates that we are an extremely dysfunctional bunch.

If it is not too late already we had better start yelling loud enough that our political leadership gets off its backside and starts responding to this crisis in an expedient manner.  Either that or accept the frightening possibility that we are in very serious trouble with no hope of recovery.