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sunspots and the Middle East

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Whatever has happened to America since 9/11 has created an incredible sleeping giant which doesn’t really know what to react to.

The history of Saddam Hussein ending with his demise has done the opposite to putting to bed the Iraqi crisis.

America, a country famous for never attacking another country, has been faced with who to attack.

The quest for gravity control is now sublimated by these current oil wars.

The outcome of this fiasco takes the shine off the next step in our human evolution.

Simply be aware that the current detail helps to put gravity control in the background.

Not only must we surpass the disinformed public, we are also required to come up with the something that will save our world.

These thoughts are considered heretic because the forces in place run the whole world. And if left unchecked will surely run us right into the ground.

We may be a small group but our bent is one to seek the beyond.

No matter what we’re faced with, the idea of gravity control is a living entity that will hopefully lead us out of this mess.

Let us keep going forward. We have no choice.

Our chances of creating love not hate continue.

And gravity control still seems the way to quieten the world family scwabbles.

I like the idea of buying a vehicle where you just pay for the vehicle and the idea of fuel is a thing of the past.