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Climate Change

Let’s just cut the crap about controlling the weather and get down to the nitty gritty.

The weather on our planet is changing and will continue to change in a most radical manner for the foreseeable future.

More rain,  more hail, more wind, cyclones, tornadoes, snow, ice and extreme heat.

Like almost everything these days the weather will remain volatile to say the least.

The earth sun cycle is culminating in a display of mother natures powers unleashed, as the energy differential existing between the earth and the sun increases in a steep upward curve.

All this babble about carbon tax and carbon caps is nothing more than a distraction from the very real and immediate situation, the climate is changing and there is nothing we humans can do to stop it.

Certainly we should do all we can to eliminate pollution, but pollution and climate change are two separate issues which should not be confused.  Pollution does not account for nor is it responsible for climate change.  Climate change runs in natural cycles, which includes short cycles and long cycles.  At the present time we are nearing the end of the long cycle which corresponds directly to the underlying energy differential existing between the earth and the sun.

All you have to do is check the global weather picture to see unusual weather conditions affecting each and every continent.  Heat waves in  India,  tornadoes in America,  hail storms in India resulting in devastation and hardship for many.  And weather related deaths on opposite sides of the planet.

It’s going to get worse as we move closer to the long cycles end, at which point we will experience weather like we’ve never seen it before.  It’s going to be a rough and wild ride.

I cannot predict the weather,  one reason being that such extreme weather is unpredictable, with the word EXTREME underlined in red.

As well as extreme weather we can expect more earthquakes and more volcanic activity.  The earth is under extreme stress as its resistance to the sun increases and no amount of taxation and no number of regulations are going to alter the natural course of our solar cycle.

Carbon dioxide is not the problem affecting weather, but weather does have an effect on the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere.

Our planets relationship with the sun determines our weather and I know of no one or any group of people capable of changing that relationship.  Therefore it is a delusional idea to suggest it should be possible to change the planets weather through the application of regulations and or taxes.

The whole idea behind the carbon tax is to assure the population that government regulatory bodies will tame and subdue extreme weather threatening to disrupt the global economy…if sufficient quantities of money are applied to the problem.

For once it’s not about the money, it’s about the weather.  And no amount of money is going to affect the earth/sun relationship whatsoever.  It’s a natural cycle and natural cycles will prevail regardless of our wishes or desires.