Latest Gravity Control Diversion

I’m not a hawk or a dove but I kind of enjoy the great diversion of American politics that dominates American news. Sadly, American news smells of excrement because it has an overlord who may smell even worse. If you’re with me so far you might like to see this:

But remember, it’s just a moment in time.
Once we get over this shit I see good stuff.

The Electric Universe

After the first nuclear bombs were exploded, science latched on to fusion, that which powers the sun.

The following documentary suggests, not a universe powered by nuclear fusion, a universe based in the power of electricity.

This is a compelling video and if we really are an electric universe, then somehow it all makes sense.

Aldo Costa

We may have posted this before some years ago.
But with windmills and solar,
this is a clear perpetual motion machine that of course doesn’t rely on batteries, combustion, even electricity,
this Aldo Costa wheel is based on current physics and perhaps actually Doesn’t attract the aether,
so much.
But no, there is no such thing as perpetual motion unless you tap the aether.

Looks like perpetual motion but actually tapping the aether, the underlying force of which no one knows except maybe the Greeks.

Focus, Magnets, Gravity, We Live

It’s over a hundred years we’ve been using explosives as propulsion. ┬áIs there any other way?

The quest for gravity control is a quest for a jump in civilization from destructive explosions for propulsion, to Mag Lev trains, to electric cars and generators with an integrated magnet motor, and eventually to the success of gravity control.

Right now, things look more like this



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