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Down again.
Whosoever wants to make gravity control and free energy fail….well, you think it might have something to do with oil?
Ah yes, oil, that which currently runs the world and now with a great boost to rockets and other combustive materials, has run out of gas.
Still important to the quest for gravity control.

As we look to the future, electric replaces combustion and batteries become the spark for the magnet motor that recharges the batteries. The Watson Magnet Motor, the WMM, is my favorite to win the electric and magnet dilemma. Not to mention Elon Musk.Dhammakaya_Temple_A1

The above is a photograph of a temple or mosque or church. Just outside Bangkok.

With all this knowledge at our disposal, does anyone know how to restore our forum?

With thanks.


A Moment of My Time Your Time

It’s after eight.
Did I eat?
Can’t remember.
Focussed on Infinity.
Tuff subject.
Infinitely large, yes but also infinitely small. Although I consciously try to focus my Gestalt to raise me above my current thinking, it’s never enough to satisfy.
Infinity is the sideways figure eight and also this:FengShui-YinYang
The Casing Theory

The Gwandau Team is on the road.

Big and small. The infinity of it all, or is it circular and there are other universes, some like ours, some not. If you think sideways it’s dimensions, time. If you think vertically, it’s the same thing.
Time. No rockets here. This is the focus to manipulate time and place.
Just set the coordinates and….you’re there. Sadly no scenic travel involved.

My thoughts of infinity big and small are sparked by a short story The Glass Rocket, I think was the title. I was 12 when I read it and this ‘glass’ rocket had the capability of going many times the speed of light. And if you believe that the faster you go for more massive you become this Arthur C. Clark story was saying, as the glass rocket went faster and faster than the speed of light and got heavier than our whole universe, it eventually came out on a microscopic slide and a huge eye was looking at it.
Big and small. Infinity both ways.

A Recent Email

Letters, we get letters. Here’s one:

Hi Anish,

All I can tell you is, when you create a field within a field you must be in the field you’ve created.
The up down forward rear motion must be created from the ‘pilot’ inside the field within a field.
Picture UNITY 4 001
The above is a representation of a single disc on a hydraulic arm that swings 180 degrees.
Consider four tiers of these discs each tier consisting of many of these discs in a reverse cone configuration.

Barclay Engine 1 Gray

The idea of creating a field within a field is to focus to the centre of the earth with the tiered magnets.
Once achieved you are then in your own field within the field of the earth and universe which allows instantaneous interstellar travel.

Hope that helps, Anish.

Best of luck,

On 6 Sep, 2015, at 2:18 pm, Anish Kumar wrote:

A message from…my opinion is that…..if a strong electromagnetic force is applied at a specific point and then a force of negative energy or a negative DC or AC power is focused to the specific point of electromagnetic force, it can make the object levitate that which is projecting the electomagnetic force by repelling it or it can be said as the force is apposed by the negative charge… doubt is that how to navigate the levitating object without using the external track to navigate them, as people do in electromagnetic train…please help me to complete my project by clarifying my doubt.


I love WordPress but I recall in previous times the Comments column was always open.

Today, the ‘comments’ click is there for maybe a week and it disappears.
Which means the Comments are closed.
But not by me.

WordPress, thank you for everything but,
pPlease restore the Comments column for a reasonable period of time, used to be years.

now more than ever