“Grays” By Henry Hobson

Remember when Youtube had all those movies? Hollywood worked overtime and succeeded in getting feature movies off the net, particularly Youtube, perhaps the greatest tv channel, net or not, in the world, so far. And so, they downsized their drama and looked for shorter and  more postable items. Now they show great movie endings, middles and beginnings. And out of that has come the short film.  

Elon Musk By Guest Author


“This guy is not a Nikola Tesla but obviously thinks enough of him to name his electric car company, Tesla.

Then a strange thing happened. Instead of following his fab electric car, Elon Musk did a one-eighty and got into rockets.

It was then that we at GC approached Musk, saying,

the ultimate electric car is the magnet electric car.
Because the car will run for the life of the battery and the battery is kept charged by the magnet motor.
The magnet motor keeps the battery fully charged, bypassing things like an overnight charge.
The magnet motor electric car is always charged.
The only thing that would stop it from working is a flat tire or other mechanical breakdown. Otherwise the electric magnet car runs till the battery is dead.  Two years?
And then, all you need is a new battery.”

Rather than post the entire text of this well written article about Elon Musk,
here’s the link.
Elon Musk Interview on Mars

Elon Musk is a businessman extraordinaire. Look what he’s done!
He’s also the idea man. A man capable of turning his personal ideas into cash which funds his next idea.

Wotta guy!

If we might turn his interest from rockets to instantaneous transformation,
we would have the best ally of the 21st century for gravity control.


TQFGC Guest Author

The Quest For Gravity Control
After the days when large corporate powerhouses of the day had killed off any hopes of “free energy” or zero-point energy potential, many ideas and speculative thoughts have remained undeviating to the truth that energy exists in an ether and this ether can be mined by modern day technology and the belief in doing so has given new hope to many scientists’ and idealists, of recent generations, trying to create the best quest for gravity control.
Non profit and self-funded organisation, Gravity Control, is one of many small teams across the world seeking the answers to commonly asked questions, as to how we can contribute to our future without the aid of combustion and fossil fuels. Their simplified explanations and useful resources help even the most novice end-user understand the basic fundamentals and importance of free energy.
As well as searching for these veiled answers to important questions, they also seek researchers who believe in the power of gravity control technology and hope to reach advancements in the technology from exploratory to operational practice.
After looking at their research and observing their theory, I started to ask myself a few questions regarding the effects of a world with free energy and whether Gravity Control is one of the major players in non-governmental research.
Are we ready to take on the challenge of free energy?
We’re more technologically sophisticated now than we have ever been throughout history. It is important to note when Nikola Tesla hinged his lifelong scientific work on a commitment to providing the world with free energy, we may not have been ready to adapt to it, as a species, and implement it into the technology of the day but, with that said, that’s something we’ll never know.
Today, as the fossil fuels quickly deplete, we realise that we’re running out of options for powering our vehicles, homes and cities. Not only are we quickly eating away at our natural sources, we’re using these in a way that aren’t good for our planet and so not only do we need a new option, but it also has to be greener and cleaner. As a race we’re are more understanding of the need to change and thus our acceptance levels of new, clean power is at an all time high.
Is our intelligence enough to realise the true potential of the ether?
People quickly forget that we’ve actually been using free energy in the use of windmills and water-wheels for many years. But these are stationary methods which don’t involve thrusting an object forward as such. To tap into the energy around us involves doing things we’ve never done and believing in something that we were taught not to do.
Manipulating gravity to create anti-gravity, for such purposes as propulsion, spread like wildfire throughout the 1950’s, however, the intelligence at the time wasn’t what it is today and if we can take on the right theories and make them reality, we’re in a fantastic position to utilise the energy fields around us.
What are the costs of free energy?
Due to the nature of energy and the desirable economic gain from offering it, it makes it hard to believe that such companies who benefit from the sale of energy are gladly welcoming free energy anytime soon. Even history has given us an insight into the incredibly rich and their power to decide what is allowed and what isn’t. From patent protection being turned down and funding taken away, remember that the incredibly rich also fund new ideas, if they didn’t like an idea they could easily pull the funding or even use large payments to sway the decision of a man who helps patent an idea.
Project Unity, Gravity Control’s combined library of research and shared submissions from like-minded zero-point enthusiasts, is an excellent example of the human attraction to research, develop and implement a life-changing idea into a reality. They seem willing to work with the government to enlighten us all on these clean and free energy principles but, still maintain their with or without you attitude, which shows a real desire to do whatever it takes to make energy free.
So who is number one in the quest for gravity control?
For me, Gravity Control who runs Project Unity, seem to have the drive, knowledge and an excellent idea for a working anti-gravity device. Whilst nobody yet has delivered anything substantial, their approach is a worthy winner for me. Their openness to gravity control is rather unique, as others closely guard their prized information and theories, yet, Project Unity defines what they believe and I’m sure, sooner rather than later, they will have an answer for us.
They ask for the help of serious researchers rather than asking for huge amounts of opinionated rubbish that frequently swamps the rare, factual genius of those in the know. Sharing references and resources, ideas and theories, they make useful, easy to understand suggestions and explanations that would intrigue and inform any level of reader.
The search to find perplex motion without fuel continues and with more and more people becoming open to the idea, the more we’ll see in terms of theories and understanding. We’ve still got a long way to go however; it is only a matter of time before the first domino of anti-gravity falls and drives forward a free and clean movement.
This article was written by Alan Gregory. He writes for Appliances Online by day offering advice from washing machines to fridge freezers. By night he continues work on his anti-gravity coffee machine. Follow his tweets on Twitter @AlanJGregory.