Is Vimanas plural or singular, one vimana, several vimanas. ?

Mentioned in this interesting compilation is that Vimanas were the gravity control of the time, about six thousand years ago. And although we didn’t know it at the time, the quest for gravity control may be very old.

In this case, swirling mercury, Schauberger Ish.

The Magnet Motor

As I look back on our vision of the quest for gravity control, I can trace my peaks of frustration over the years. I would ‘give up’ and lose faith that I might be a part of the discovery and implimentation of gravity control. I lost faith in myself but never lost faith that the system will emerge, with or without our help.

And I always came back. Just around that next corner there is a chance that something will click and it will all fall into place. Gravity Control, the ‘new’ energy.

It’s amazing how little I knew when we started and I thought I knew a lot. In the intervening years it has become painfully obvious that suppression is the new innovation. Do they have it? Who knows. What we have is a viable theory but it’s so radical. Suppressed, unspoken, how does a flying saucer work? Focus. What?

Meanwhile on the path to gravity control most cars will become electric and those electric vehicles that use a magnet motor will help solve the stress of this planet.
The magnet is the fuel.
Combustion is gone.

An example of a man who built a magnet motor and put it in his car is as follows:

I’m always drawn to Charles Watson’s magnet motor, the WMM, but now there are so many magnet motors out there,


There will be a winner, maybe several.