The Pyramids

It was the seventies late in the decade.  My trip inside the great pyramid of Cheops.  As I emerge into the king’s chamber and stand full height after the bent over ramp walk up to this space where I can stand, I look over and notice a guy who looks like me.  He wasn’t me.

Our best evidence might be the Bagdad battery but as you watch this video, much more is revealed that the pyramids had light, electricity.  And why not?

The VP’s Get To Sit

Hello again from Samui.  This post should have gone to

Too late.  Here it is, the VP debate in America where the presidential candidates stand for 90 minutes yet the Vice President nominees get to sit down?

I guess it’s symbolic that they would stand up if needed.

As a Canadian and Hong Kong Citizen, I find the following to be my kind of reality tv, more interesting than most fiction being bombarded on America with DC, Marvel, and to make it all possible, CGI to make the comics come alive.  And all the copycat movies, maybe made in somebody’s basement.   Actually the basement productions can be the coolest.

If you’re not interested in politics, now would be a good time to slip away before we show the VP debate.

Mr Tim, the guy on my left won’t get excited about the magnet motor and gravity control.  Mr Mike on my right, an interesting guy and guv of a successful state in the wake of all this global horribleness.  He might have interest.

Interesting to me is the guy on the left is spewing lies like I can’t believe trying to give credence to all of Hillary’s failures.

Both these guys speak in extrapolation but before  you get too interested, spoiler, there are dips in the excitement for these two guys who will become president if, whoever the president finds him/herself incapacitated.

But it’s like the understudy on broadway, someone who knows every line.  Oops, Hillary fell down again.  You’re on.


I’ve been looking for this film for years, one of the creepiest.

Invading creatures come through your smart phone.

The only way to escape….hey, it gets me off the subject of gravity control and the magnet motor, for a while.


Geez I need a music break.  This GC stuff can sap you of your essences.  Not to say I’m sapped.  Just need a little inspiration.

Harry Nilsonn rip

My kind of Weird.  Genius?  Yeah maybee.

He had a choir boy purity of voice and incredible range.

And he had a way with a lyric.  His poetry was good for the times, the 70’s.  And so as we leave the world of trump and crooked hillary, take yourself back if you can to a time of Beatles and Nillson.

I mean Nilsson.  (previously spelled wrong)

Harry Nilsson was a great and amazing guy.

Renewable Energy and Alternative Ideas