UFOs And Gravity Control

I’m a Joe Rogan fan for his incredible ability of understanding and conveying myriad topics in no holds barred full colour conversation.  His podcast may be the most popular in the world today.  They go for as long as three hours or more, no breaks, other than pee breaks and sometimes a moment to spark up a joint or grab a beer.

This is not one of his podcasts.  It’s from an earlier show called

Joe Rogan Questions Everything

For many, Joe Rogan simply suddenly appeared with his popular podcast but the truth is he’s done shows and gained an amazing education along the way.  Today, not only a stand up comedian, at 50 he’s  an outstanding athlete.

Hey Joe Rogan! May I interest you in the concept of gravity control?

Experiment: Gravity Control

This is a totally magnetic experiment that, done right, will allow the top to spin for a long time or longer.

Charles Watson: I have been working tirelessly on getting the magnets to operate by themselves in a rotary motion. No battery only gravity and axial harmonic motion in a tensor magnetic field. Sounds like a complicated thing but it is really very simple.

That’s encouraging. If that spinning magnet top is tapping free energy and will only stop spinning by an outside force, then that’s an obvious path to gravity control.

We all love great cars of the combustion mode yet that spinning top is the signpost for electric magnet motor cars. Bye bye combustion.

Like Euler’s Disk, if you included the magnetic top designed to spin forever and put that power to Euler’s disc, would it spin forever? Probably not, they say eventually magnets lose their power. But with the magnetic top powering Euler’s disc and the ability to suck the power from that situation and store it for future work, woo woo!

Conspiracy Stuff

This is interesting.  Under the heading Gravity on gravitycontrol.org there is a long dissertation that I didn’t write.  Well, I did write it originally but it seems to have gone through a rewrite software app.

Either that or David Barclay wrote it.  I’ll ask him.


The development of Gravity Control would represent a major leap forward in the evolution of science and technology, yet it is academically considered a fringe subject.

When you have a question unanswered like, what is gravity? I would hardly consider it a fringe subject, as the importance of an answer cannot be overly emphasized. The answer is critical to our future and our survival as a species.

If gravity itself is not a force of any kind, but merely the effect of an underlying dynamic force of energy, gravity cannot be controlled directly, as it defies all attempts as such. The control of gravity must be achieved indirectly by the direct manipulation of the underlying force of energy determining a gravitational response.

And in order to achieve this manipulation we must first identify and then comprehend the nature of this underlying force of energy affecting gravity.

Gravity is a non-event as gravity is merely an aspect of the underlying force. Therefore it is imperative that we not think of gravity as a force to be tamed and ultimately controlled, as no such force exists.

Certainly levitating rings and lifters demonstrate an anti-gravitational effect, but they do not allow for gravity control. And despite the best efforts of the various inventors such control is not going to be achieved through the manipulation of a field charge originating from an external source.

The underlying dynamics of field must be understood and applied in an orderly fashion to achieve gravity control. Anything less will meet with failure.

To start we must realize that what we think we know is not enough and what we do not know is critical to our success.

If we begin by examining the process of free fall we will find that the process of free fall and the process of rising skyward are both determined by the same underlying force.

The only difference between falling and rising is that one goes in one direction and the other goes in the opposite direction, but both a falling body of mass and a rising body of mass follow the path of least resistance. So it is the direction of the path which is important to the direction of motion.

The objective or our challenge is to manipulate the path whereby the body of mass must follow the path of least resistance, but the little matter of control is the kicker, as the control must come from within the body in motion and not from without.

When an electrical charge is applied to a metal ring the charge affects the internal dynamics of the ring. The inherent energy of the ring is increased relative to the field in which the ring is situated, which causes the ring to lift skyward. But once the electrical charge is discontinued the ring falls, as the inherent energy of the ring is reduced relative to the field in which it is situated.

The field in which the ring is situated is accelerating symmetrically to the center of the Earth, whereby there is a continuous increase in energy affecting the structural dynamics of the Earth, but there is also the acceleration of the ring’s structure to be considered, which allows the ring to maintain a relative relationship with the field in which it is situated.

If for some reason the acceleration of the ring’s field were to stop accelerating completely the ring would vanish from sight, as it is the continuous acceleration of field which allows the ring to exist in the first place.

So, in order to control the field affecting the lifting of the ring we must build a ring big enough to be manipulated from within, which involves something bigger than that which will fit on a kitchen table.

Certainly we can lift rings and lifters, and we can keep doing this as long as we have the will to do so, but this lifting does not represent gravity control.

To control the underlying energy of a system requires that the internal dynamics be manipulated or modulated relative to the field in which the system exists, which involves the modulation of a field within a field.

This involves the focusing of field where the internal dynamics are focused to affect a differential in dynamic potential between the control system and the field in which the control system is situated.

In this respect both the internal and external dynamics remain inversely proportional in relation to a gravitational response and an electromagnetic response where an electrical charge radiates isometrically from the surface curve of the control system and symmetrically to the center of field.

Therefore there is a decrease in gravity from the surface curve toward the center of field and a decrease in gravity extending isometrically from the surface curve to the perimeter of Universe.

As the underlying energy of field is non-resistant an increase in energy affects a decrease in resistance to a further increase in energy, whereas a decrease in energy affects an increase in resistance to a further increase in energy.

It should also be noted that the underlying energy of field does not radiate under any circumstance, as the underlying energy is always focused to the center of field. But what does radiate is a factor of resistance, in that the resistance to a further increase in energy increases isometrically from the center of field.

Therefore energy diminishes with distance from the center of field and increases to the center of field.

In the context of this situation energy is not proportional to mass in relation to the accepted concept of energy increasing with every proportional increase in mass, such as described by the equation E=MC2, as no such energy exists.

A decrease in mass affects an increase in energy in relation to a ratio of energy per unit of mass, where the smaller mass has the higher ratio of energy per unit of mass.

So it should come as no surprise that we should find it difficult to achieve gravity control, as the accepted standards are in contradiction to the purpose of understanding the dynamics affecting the form and function of physical structure.

It would also be helpful to know that hydrogen has the highest underlying energy potential of any known element and an element like uranium has one of the lowest energy potentials possible, so low that there is an actual energy deficiency whereby nuclear decay attempts to stabilize the dynamics of uranium by increasing it’s underlying energy potential.

In respect to the high energy potential of hydrogen we can see that the tendency of hydrogen to rise skyward is due to the high underlying energy potential affecting its field structure relative to the field in which it exists.

So it is not simply a matter of hydrogen being lighter than air, as this is a somewhat misleading statement. It is the internal dynamics of the hydrogen atom which allow it to rise skyward, as the energy potential is sufficient to lower it’s resistance to the field in which it exists, whereby the path of least resistance is up rather than down.

Therefore gravity control should revolutionize the aerospace industry, as the application of gravity control modifies and simplifies the process of flight.

Momentary Disassociation

This security thing is such that for the moment,

don’t associate with gravity control.

Shutting down for now to find ‘infected’ files.

Maybe it’s a ruse.  Maybe there are no infected files.

Whatever, see you soon, hopefully with an answer.

Barclay Engine 1 Gray





Addendum: Quest For GC

This was deemed a security risk.  No big deal.

Feb 16, 2017, holy shit.  So much is happening.  Trump is president.  Ok, yeah, maybe now the suppression ceases, at least a little. As stated in that last date, if you follow these links you’ll know what we know.




Basically, it’s a compendium of what you should know if you are sparked by the idea of gravity control.  The part where you’re ridiculed ignored and written off as a kook, yeah been there a lot.

Sept 26 2016, I’m going to start pumping good stuff into here.  Hard to believe we’re still here after a bunch of mixups and hacks. 

This book will end up in volumes.  My webmaster says, don’t do the book.  Things move so fast a book will be out of date before it’s published.

Nay nay say I.  We can speak volumes here.  Because we have the web.

And a print version begs to happen.  Why?  In case someone pulls the plug and everything goes poof!

the movie in search of a beginning goes on.

It’s a new day

too virtual in believing the grid can’t just go poof.

this book is worth doing.  Right now I’m of the realization that we can’t jump from oil to gravity control.  Elon Musk doesn’t want to see us right now because he just got big bucks to put in charging stations throughout the US.

May 8 2016  Note to me, everytime you think of something that would add to the book, make the note here.

Update.  Thanks to my son gravitycontrol.org is back altho the forum had to begin again.  It makes me think again of something I’ve known all along. 

The process for the Unity Project from theory to reality is a process.  You begin with the theory and develop a model of the insight then a working model.  What we have now is the magnet motor, many, but in particular for me, there’s Charles Watson WMM, the Watson magnet motor.  At this writing we’ve been trying to sell the device to Elon Musk of Tesla Motors but right now he is installing charge stations all over America.  He doesn’t want to hear of our magnet motor which charges on the go, never a recharge, unless of course the battery dies but pop in a new battery and off you go.

Forever with a spare battery, barring flat tires or mechanical problems.

I’ve looked at all the electric cars out there today and the range is the single downfall of all of them.  My current thinking, the company that invests in the WMM will benefit greatly.

Feb 28 2016, right, now that we’ve been swept away from public view the forum the blog and the website I realize this book is being written backwards, all the stuff before we get to gravity control is against gravity control because it’s just impossible, besides we’re the oil guys of combustion , not us, them. 

I began looking for remnants of gravitycontrol.org and soon I found this:

does the aether know it’s Christmas?

There is a book (and movie?) called The Field by Lynne McTaggart in which she says the field is us. So, does the aether know it’s Christmas? Durn tootin’, we do.

Seasonal Debunk

This pic. Actually under closer scrutiny you can see that it is the island which is flying away.  Or maybe a ufo disguised as an island.  We’ll never know because it was fiction.  Gullivers Travels.

Antigravity. I prefer gravity control, and electrogravitic communication sometimes seem far away but lately prospects look good.

Holiday Reading

David’s chapters five and six of Project Unity

Paul Shatzkin’s TT Brown bio

N A Kozyrev

Hal Puthoff

Alex Frolov

The TT Brown forum

The Antigravity forum

Looks like a fun holiday season.

If not before, see you next year. Three of which I observe, Western, Chinese and the Thai new year will be 2550.

That takes us to Easter and it’s summer again!

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Introduction 2016

Wouldn’t it be nice if we did it by now? 

February 19th, 2016

I learn that gravitycontrol.org has been ‘temporarily’ suspended.  I know why.  Last month I was robbed so I cancelled my cards.  Our ip, iPower is looking for its dough.

My plan is to say that I will be happy to continue service with them if they include reinstalling our forum, hacked for the fifth time, saved four times in previous years.

Turns out the reason the forum appeared hacked was because of an upgrade,  But they have refused to fix it, so far.

So here we are in Strange Land, strange territory where we’ve never been before. 

Things like negativity, don’t put on a smile put on a frown and make everything upside down.  Which is where we are now.  Perceived good versus perceived evil.  Here we go again, the loop continues.  Can anyone cut the loop so we can see the bigger picture?

As I write this this date Dec 21 2015, David Barclay is creating his latest book about his rides with aliens.  W. David Barclay is the only theorist on gravity control I lean towards and although he never mentioned his saucer stories for two years, it was about the same amount of time it took me to understand exactly what David was talking about.

His Unity Theory is mindblowingly right.  The next big step.  The next smaller big step will be electric cars with magnet motors where you will keep on going till the battery dies.  Then, pop in a new improved battery and carry on for five years barring possible mechanical breakdown. 

The Quest For Gravity Control is not to put combustion out of business but to spotlight this newer thinking about a travel system that works on frequencies, not rockets.  As a kid I saw The Day the Earth Stood Still, the Michael Rennie version and it was obvious that the ship was powered by magnetism, electricity and, uh, gravity.

All of the zap and spin afficianados with high voltage into a metal ring are onto something.  What they don’t know is the device must be powered from within, preferably by a human. 

Introduction   1943.  The year before I was born.  I remember nothing from that time.

I have always harbored low esteem.  Not too strong yet fat.  Ate many wrong foods.  Mom, would you make some fudge.  And she did.  But in my introversion I was able to discover many things.  I was fascinated by the following.  Magic (tricks), Hypnotism, Ventriloquism.  And reincarnation.  I have never seen a ufo in the general sense.  One of the most memorable things was a full moon with a plane flying in front of it and an orange ball of flames close to the jet that from my vantage seemed to look like a flaming engine falling off the plane.  What I really saw was a plane crossing the face of the moon and a shooting star which broke up below the plane.  The plane carried on and I realized it wasn’t in trouble.  It was something else. 

The website.  When we started the quest for gravity control we perceived that the time had come to find a person or team capable of performing gravity control on demand and it would be easy.  Since I personally had no qualifications other than compulsion, I came up with The Quest For Gravity Control, the movie in search of a beginning.  This at first became the basis for our new website and in the beginning I thought we’d have the whole thing aced in about two weeks.  Not only was this not to be but somewhere along the line I began to realize that there was a great secret horde of information and if an inventor got too close to this black area, his patent was confiscated under the guise of national security.  Currently (2011) there are 5000 patents regarding free energy and gravity control either held in abeyance or refused followed by the seizing by the government of the patent and idea and they said to the effect, sorry, your invention has been classified.  I can only imagine the devastation to the inventor who thought he was on his way to save the world and perhaps start living right for his sacrifices to himself and whomever only to find that he edged too close to some black project and so, no, no patent for that guy.  One thing that America is known for is its innovative people.  But now, America has so many secrets and black ops it is stifling the very innovation that made the country great in the first place.  It’s like a normal person who suddenly becomes a rich person and privy to high ranking discussion.  The newly wealthy are surprised that all of a sudden they had something to protect.  Their wealth.  Think of Edison in a middle class family who changed the world, thanks to Tesla, son of a preacher and born in a lightning storm.  It’s all on the website. gravitycontrol.org  Morale, at least these days, don’t get a patent, just do it.

I know I was three because I saw a picture on a book published in 1947.  Of course I couldn’t read at the time but I can maybe pinpoint that memory to when I saw the flying saucer on Adamski’s book cover.  It was perhaps like that compulsion.  From where the impetus comes from?  Who knows but I only recognized some kind of akin after seeing the movie several times, Close Encounters.  Why. I would ask myself, am I so interested in the interstellar drive.  How might I possibly make a difference.  It came in waves like the moon.  I would find myself perplexed and saddened in 1968 when no one put forth gravity control.  To the point where I thought, maybe it’s up to me.  But how would that be possible?  All I had was the vision of possibility.  As an alternative.

It was people who got out of town I was drawn to, and the magic and freak shows, especially one, where they were like a travelling Madame Toussad’s wax museum, except they were real people waxed up.  They had a carousel of supposedly animatronic versions of these wax dummies, three dummies but you could only see one for some seconds and then it would switch to the next, uh, wax figure.  I climbed the stairs to get a real good close look at these wax dummies and I found my suspicions confirmed.  I was up on the stage making this close observation and since I was sure, I clambered off the stage.  No one came along and told me to leave. 

I learned early I was attracted to oddballs which sometimes included beautiful women who were also attracted to oddballs.  Oddballs included me.  Looking for more. 

When LSD became the savior drug of mankind and Timothy Leary saying, “tune out, turn on, and float downstream’, I was curious about all that.  When Timothy Leary came to a university near me, they broadcast his talk live.  I was on the road, the 401 between Abbotsford and Chilliwack, less than an hour to Vancouver, Canada and heard Dr Leary’s talk.  It was clear he was taken with the drug and was openly inviting the crowd to try it.  So I did.  I bought myself a half a tab of what was proposed to be good.  My plan was to swallow the half tab, jump in my newly repainted ’68 Oldsmobile Cutlas and zoom up the Squamish Highway to a plateau I knew and wait for the effects to come on.  So I did.  I looked out on the endless seaview then up to the big pines on big mountains.  Yup, this must be a good place to experience lsd.  A half hour went by and nothing.  Meanwhile I began to think, what if this comes on and I can’t drive back to town.  I leaped into the Cutlas and sped out of there back to my apartment in the West End, the one with a big pool in the basement and two real steam baths.  Along the way I picked up two friends and told them I took acid.  Keen and sympathetic they accompanied me back to my place where we immediately went for a swim.  The pool was large for apartment pools probably because the building was old, which also explains the steam baths.  Newer places had saunas.  I recall diving off the springboard and when I hit the water I suddenly saw a lot of pink bubbles.  When my head broke surface I had the distinct impression of hitting my head on the bottom of the pool and my mind continued on splashing at the surface.  I didn’t say anything, just got out of the water and sat on the bench, shaking.  I knew well I was now truly in the lsd experience.  That night we went to Retinal Circus where acid bands played.  I learned that there were certain notes the band would hit that gave those under the influence an extra punch.  Like Disney’s Fantasia where you see the sound.

When I was ten, an only child, I entertained myself with thoughts of magic, ventriloquism and hypnotism.  I learned that magic and ventriloquism were tricks and illusion but I also learned that hypnotism was not.  Hypnotism, I found, is a whole different avenue where you find incredible medical stories as well as Svengali.  When I was ten at summer camp I would hypnotize other kids.  And if they believed I could do it, they were hypnotized.  Later I heard about regression and started to hear about Bridey Murphy, a young girl who was regressed to a former life.  I was stunned as a 12 year old when I saw the movie, The Search For Bridey Murphy.  I recall my pals rating the movie as if it were Star Wars.  I remember gulping out a few phrases like, hey wait a minute this is not asd/.fmgernandermorph…..I was near speechless and some of my utterances were less than clear but the thought of reincarnation was quite a zap. 

At age four I met a magician called Fred who was a friend of my mom’.  He was also a ventriloquist.  That was it for me.  I saw Fred do amazing tricks.  I saw him ‘throw’ his voice to his dummy which would speak.  I wanted to be all those things, a magician, a ventriloquist and a hypnotist.  I hypnotized myself once.  And a friend who was a doctor hypnotized me a second time.  Since then I’ve joined onstage with entertainment hypnotists like Reveen and others lesser known.  Those were situations where I wanted to be hypnotized but not under stage circumstances.  In the small town of Chilliwack a guy came to town, had the moustache and goatee, the piercing eyes.  I was working for the radio station at the time and was fortunate to interview this traveling hypnotist.  I went to his performance and offered myself to be onstage.  But in my mind, I knew about hypnosis in that you must command the faith of a subject before they believe, and my interviewee, the entertainer of the evening, confirmed my playing along by offering a whispered thanks. 

In re reading some of my blog posts may I suggest



I’m pleased to find that I am not personally showcased much other than the above.

It was summer and I was eleven with this feeling that tomorrow when I wake up and look in the mirror it won’t be me.  Who would it be I thought but never found out because so far, it’s still me. 

I’ve seen some interesting things in the sky but never what I might consider to be a ufo.    Once I saw a passenger jet plane in front of the moon.  The moonlight made the big silver bird look even more silver.  Suddenly an orange fireball that looked close to the jet appeared to fall below the plane.  The engine fell off!, I thought.  But with continued observation you could see that it was a meteor somewhere in the proximity of the plane.  Wonder if they saw anything out their windows.  Being eleven and probably hadn’t thought of ufos since I was three, I recall that at the sighting of that amazing event it never occurred to make a jump to flying saucer.  It was a meteor.  I think.

I was eight when I first saw the movie, The Thing.  It scared my friend Blake’s older brother right out of the theatre.  When Blake and I saw it I recalled more the reaction of the movie on the audience but also thought it was great.  And although movies mostly don’t scare me, they do sometimes if I have to walk a long way home in the dark.  After seeing the Brain Snatchers and before that, Night of the Living Dead, I found myself walking home alone.  On my way I saw two guys fighting it out at the bus depot.  Creepy but took my mind off being creeped out by the movie.  Those days of personal creep with the long and dark walk home were eventually replaced when I turned sixteen with a car and the ability to drive since I was twelve.  Drive in movies.  On a long weekend in Winnipeg they would have all nite drive in movie features and at the time there were four or five drive in theatres.  All except one outlet would shut down for six months because of the severity of the Winnipeg winter.  I think it was The Odeon Drive In somewhere out beyond the race track.  This particular drive in movie theatre provided heaters and you could get the soundtrack on your fm radio.  Wow.  But alas, drive in movie theatres faded into new suburban housing, worth more than the price of admission to a movie, even if they did show it outside under the stars from the privacy of your own car.  We used to drive in with two in the front, two in the back and two in the trunk.  We put Henry with one leg in the trunk so that if we were caught they would feel ashamed.

I loved those old monster movies, even the crappy ones.  If I knew it was going to be crappy I still had to see it.  One film that rose above was Earth VS The Flying Saucers starring Hugh Marlowe (the asshole from The Day The Earth Stood Still and Billy Gray who became that kid in the old tv show Father Knows Best).  The man behind the effects in Earth VS the Flying Saucers was Ray Harryhausen also responsible for King Kong, the original.  His flying saucers effects were parodied in the Tim Burton film, Mars Attacks. 

With all this cinematic stuff over the years, is it any wonder that people believe in ufos?  After much research of German ufos during the war, at one point I thought, they’re ours!  But then of course I remembered paintings from the 1400’s and the bible and other sources that predated the war.  Prior to the war the Germans had been into all kinds of stuff the West had no knowledge of.

Meanwhile back here in present day, David is furiously writing his book, not Unity, the David of theory but more like the story of David, his abduction, what he saw.  I’m frustrated that things are not happening faster and watching the world falter like never before.  The floods in Thailand have killed hundreds, now finally entering the Bangkok area.  They’re braced.  But they’re not ready.  The country is pulling together as never before.  And when the floods subside we have hope they’ll continue to join hands in friendship and lo the country will be whole.  Not.  But I have hope.  And that this vision along with gc will unite the world.  Yup.  Suddenly…. 

A knock at the door.  I’m pleased that it’s my good friend and great musician, Victor Taboada, has arrived along with his most impressive skills of musicianship, production skills, arrangement and the creativity to record something meaningful and sometimes serenely beautiful.  I usually set Victor up with my Neumann U87IA microphone here in my quite pleasantly acoustic studio, the back bedroom (I’ve done it over), and even Victor says, mm, good sound.  That makes me feel good.  We record.  And before Victor begins a great quiet comes over my little studio, full of heavy junk to help soak up the acoustics and just deliver what’s going into the mic.  And it’s amazing. 

My thoughts, my fascination and compulsion fade in the presence of Victor’s performance.  When he was through I pressed the stop button.

And I’m thinking, what’s that with Elenin, nothing it seems.  Guess it wasn’t Nibiru.

Not so long ago I was languishing at my favorite seaside bar waiting for a guy named

Anyway he showed up we shook hands and almost the first thing he said was, well, I’ve seen a grey, sorry, Grey.  No kidding I said and raised my glass and drank and in that pause I wished to know now what I would say next.  It was interesting to note he seemed Brit but he had an aol email address.  The waves lapped.  We spoke but aside from the idea of a Grey, when I asked how he found me he said he was looking for a graphic company on Samui.  Ding!  Really.  He left and later I caught up with him on his phone somewhere on a road.  He said, hang on, nattering to his wife in unintelligible sounds.  Said he’d get in touch.  ‘Bye.  That was it and until now I’ve never heard another word of or from that guy, maybe his name will come to me but I doubt it.Tom!  I think it was Tom who seemed like an mib guy trying to find out what I know.  I just know we need gravity control to get the world out of this fiasco.

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