Reggie Watts

Rare to find a musician, philosopher, expert technologist,linguist who can take the worst of the language and turns it into jello. And the best of his language is scintillating in rhyme but more, we are seeing someone whom I would describe as good as well as talented. So take a brake, and a break, put on your favorite slippers and cut the intensity of the quest for gravity control, at least for a little while.

The Latest End Of The World

Have you ever thought how many times especially recently those people predicting the end of the world.
Last year a guy predicted a specific date and when it didn’t happen he said it was a miracle and withdrew back to his lair to wonder why he was wrong.

This time, the end of the world is November 7th and so we report of the very near future.

This video is a preacher version. It’s entertaining.

See you on the other side of that date.

Kinda fun unless true. But wasn’t it October 26th the big earthquake to split a continent in two?

Yup, here we go again. November 7th. Brace yourselves.

Note: on first publishing it was November 7th, now December 7th, also other text has been left out


I have to wonder at the horror of it all…turning entire countries into rubble.

Some rather demented soul claims it is a humanitarian mission intent on bringing democracy to foreign nations whether they want it or not…the idea of bombs raining down on the people is extremely difficult to perceive as a humanitarian mission…there is nothing humanitarian about it.

This whole business of war and more war is insane at best as it benefits no one…it is a horrific attack on our basic humanity.

Even hospitals are not immune from intentional destruction…doctors and patients wasted for what?

Our world leaders could stop the horror today if they wanted to risk it all and bring a little sanity into play…to find it in their conscious mind to show a little ethical backbone and realize the futility of war.

How about a little peace for a change…how about a little human dignity…show a little compassion and empathy for the people of the world…we’re all people, each and every one of us.