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Charles Watson was a marine, a GM worker, and somewhere realized that the combustion world was coming to an end, and invented the magnet motor, his version.

The following simply has to do with switching magnet poles but it’s one of those basic premises that help restart civilization.

A small test.

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Sorry, wrong file, the file I wanted was too big. A background music file as bg to the WMM video. Later.

Nevertheless, here is the video of Charles Watson’s latest work on his magnet motor.

We keep saying things like, Elon, Elon Musk, when you’re finished with all your recharge stations, come home.
To The Watson Magnet Motor.
Your engineers at Tesla already know of the WMM.

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I always believed there was something to astrology but now it’s lost in the daily papers and magazines online.

The Zodiac. Twelve Constellations. And for those of sufficient intellect to translate those shiftings of the cosmos to predict life on Earth, I say, good luck. Yet, maybe it’s true that gifted ones can read the universe alignments and, depending on when you were born, tell you what you’re like and what you will be.
Maybe but I prefer to think not.

Weird Al Yankovic has a take on horrorscopes. Horoscopes, what a great word, like hypnosis.