Grebennikov’s Flying Platform

To explain Grebennikov’s flying platform, first here’s Jerry Decker of Keelynet

And now, Dan A. Davidison explains the basis behind Grebennikov’s findings and how certain insects really fly (levitate) linking how a spinning vortex creates a magnetic field counteracting gravity. It’s possible that an electrostatic effect is occurring too at the nano level.

Dan A. Davidson’s full lecture:…

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A ‘Serious’, “Short Doc”, on UFO’s, Aliens, Disclosure, & Free Energy

I get a funny feeling, looks like a religion.
Perhaps involving the Fish People, Nephilim and Annunaki.

I have issues with Dr Robert Greer but at the same time, I’m not there, so my obstinance is from a distance.
And I am in total agreement with him on so much but as an idealist, why should he make money on this?
Well, to fund what he’s doing. Obviously.

I think, the more we rebuff the world of money, the more we will find offers.

The Quest For Gravity Control

How are we doing?
Oh hi Steve

The Thing

The Thing comes from a short story by John W. Campbell, called, Who Goes There.

The first film of The Thing scared the bejeez out of my friend’s older brother who left the theatre.
The 1951 version and first film of The Thing was a hit.

The Thing was powerful for its time, directed by Howard Hawks,
stooping to do a B movie of horror and science fiction.
I saw it when I was eight and enjoyed the scary moments, but I don’t immerse myself in movies.
Mostly, a movie impresses me with a great story, even if the effects aren’t expensive,
like the film Monsters, made for US$16,000.
Back in ’51 they produced that first The Thing for more than that.

The Thing was remade in 1980, where you actually see the transformations they only speak of in the first version.


And they’ve recently remade The Thing again in 2011 with much help from John Carpenter who made the first remake. And even more gore and creepy effects.

Personally, I enjoyed the short story by John W. Campbell,
was thrilled as an eight year old when I saw the original,
in awe of the John Carpenter remake,
and impressed by the 2011 prequel.

Interestingly, in all these films the alien arrived in a saucer type device, obviously under gravity control.




Weeks earlier than the Mt St Helen’s blast, my partner and I were doing a radio piece for CJAZ Radio, Canada’s first fm jazz station. Yes it was cool.

My partner Gail and I took it upon ourselves to drive down to the lower part of Washington State to get the story on whether Mount Saint Helen’s would blow. We made our way up the mountain but were told by the National Guard to turn back. They said the mountain was tossing off pieces of ice big as a house. As we headed back down a sudden strong wind came up and we began to get pummelled by what appeared to be fruit. We thought, uh oh, it’s blowing now. Turns out, it was fruit, not pebbles of magma. We got to our motel, something like, The Castle Rock Inn, and noticed they were putting a little chocolate volcano on the pillows. Peel away the alumiminum ‘silver’ paper and eat a volcano.
Later, 1980, about 8:30AM, Mt St Helen’s blew its top.
We were unaware on a flight from Las Vegas to Vancouver when the captain came on and said,
Hi folks, we’re altering our flight pattern so that we don’t fly through the plume of Mt St Helen’s, which just blew up.
I remember Mount Saint Helen’s, fortunately not there when it blew it’s top.

I mention the above because now we have Yellowstone.
Place your bets ladies and gentlemen, will it blow or not. It if does we all lose.
Well, maybe it will only partially blow and many will survive.

With all to choose from at youtube, I choose this docufictionary because outside of fiction, back in reality land, it doesn’t look so good.
However, Yellowstone may not erupt for another hundred thousand years.
If it happens tomorrow it will be the last message before the grid goes down.

This fictional account, a movie the producers call docufiction, somehow is easier to take than the bald faced truth or as portrayed in the movie, 2012, great effects, Yellowstone blew up.