Merry Christmas From Gravity Control

Let’s use colors. May these colours inspire you and make you feel good.
Blue is cool calm passive, less stress in this area.
Yin Yang pussiesAAA Barclay 4D Perfect Pixles Copy
Picture UNITY 4 001

Red. Red is courage. People of good souls who try to be right based on honesty.
Red is also the blood we shed. Let’s see, thousands of years of war, so much red blooded world folk who just want to do good for themselves and fellow humans.

White. Actually white contains all colors if you prism white.

Black. I have purchased a book called the Psychology of Color five times in the past, keep giving it away.

And purple? Magenta. If that’s your favorite color you believe the world can be better.
That’s my current favourite colour although for a long time it was Robin’s egg blue, turqoise.
I was calm then but not so much now.

We call out for those who seek the quest for gravity control.

Those whose favorite colour is purple, those who fantacize a better world,
those who agree that the next big human step is the conquering of the non propulsion propulsion system dubbed Gravity Control.

First, those who can get us funding, please step forward.

May I say that I’m a leading proponent of true gravity control, since I was just a little kid and saw a photo of a flying saucer on a book. Boing! I played with magnets. Right now I have a clump of magnets and two double AA batteries but no matter what I do the clump refuses to fly, not even with batteries, just sits here on my desk reminding me that I still don’t know how it works.

(me yelling to my crew) “Do we still have a donation link? (pssbss, paypal)
We need a new one.

What is anger. Red.
What is calm. Blue
Green is nature, if your favourite color is green you are a natural person attracted by your favourite colour.

As I said, I liked blue and now I like magenta, an intense pink, the colour of the real world above all this shit we’re going through. Or at least, a better world than red.

I’ve had to change my email from to jamesbsamui@icloud

And now, when I press enter, are we still there?


Max Keiser is a most entertaining entrepreneur. He and host and wife, Stacy Herbert, are a great balance.
He goes nuts she chuckles then carries on with the essence of their topic.
They make tragedy comical, live on RT.
They speak of world finance and where it’s at and while the people may feel dumbed down by fluoride and other benefits, the people higher on the pyramid are eating their own entrails to destruction.
It’s a funny show.

Recently they ran a series called Winter Why Nots and I thought I’d submit gravity control.
But not yet. I think Max and Stacy will soon be interested in gravity control as an alternate energy.
Just a prediction based on what I think is already true.


When I started I had no idea of the big secrets.

I thought we’d have the whole thing solved in a couple of weeks.

Now, more than ten years later, government gives the impression of having gravity control,
but the more I search the more it seems they don’t.

What we have is a theory in need of verification or not.
Personally I would love to see W. David Barclay’s theory of Unity proven correct.
Truly, it would solve so many problems other than asteroids but with the resolution of gravity control we can swerve such a missle. It would miss us because we know gravity control and the capability of making a deadly incoming object swerve.

The thought of gravity control makes you think of other things too.

But as we enter the year 2016 we have been subjected to a lot.
All inventive entrepreneurs have been suppressed. Including and maybe most of all,

We know they’re thinking about it but don’t believe they have it.
Yet the triangle craft seem to be made by humans.

What we need to know is the basic ‘how does it work’?
Well, let’s start with Barclay’s model.
Tiers, four tiers of many magnets focussed to the Earth’s centre.
When that focus is achieved the craft doing the focussing attains its own field.
This means the field created is different from the field of the earth and universe.
When you focus to the earth’s center, our planet, you create a new field, one in which you are in, separate from our Earth and separate from the universe, your own unique field.
With focus, when you create your own field it means you can go anywhere.
To the great wall or perhaps membrane of our universe to reveal the multiverse.

Infinity? Well, maybe not. But we’re so small with our gift of consciousness and everything else is so big, it makes you wonder.Barclay Engine 1 Gray