GC Forum Down

So far our efforts to restore the forum are for naught.

When you click the gravitycontrol.org/forum you get this:

8192: Function ereg_replace() is deprecated
File: /hermes/bosoraweb048/b2172/ipw.gravityc/public_html/forum/Sources/Subs.php
Line: 733

Love the word, deprecated.  Hope it means less than it implies.

Any One with any thoughts to help us restore our forum much appreciated.

gravity control




“Grays” By Henry Hobson

Remember when Youtube had all those movies? Hollywood worked overtime and succeeded in getting feature movies off the net, particularly Youtube, perhaps the greatest tv channel, net or not, in the world, so far. And so, they downsized their drama and looked for shorter and  more postable items. Now they show great movie endings, middles and beginnings. And out of that has come the short film.