New Book By Veljko Milkovic

Written in Serbian and English, Veljko Milkovic’s new book,
GRAVITATIONAL MACHINES, covers the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, Tesla, and the latest discoveries.

The most important aspect of his new book is how Veljko proves that the pendulum is more efficient than electric motors that rotate.

This video contains that information and more.

For your copy of GRAVITATIONAL MACHINES BY VELJKO MILkOVIC please click below


For those of interest this new book and others, there’s fascinating reading ahead.

And Now?

Hmm, okay.

And now, it’s not gravity control.

Well, it is, but it’s as if the world is being destroyed by bad decisions.
Unmerited aggression, The fake wars.
Personally, I was shocked that the US would attack another nation.
They said they never would.

But they did, because they couldn’t come up with a better decision after 911.

The terrorists are who? From where? No, they’re everywhere.
Even in your pants and bras as anyone in America or visiting knows,
entering or leaving America or even travelling from city to city,
requires an in your pants and bras search. Said who?

It would be an insult if it weren’t so obvious.

It’s a shakedown.

Middle class, thing of the past.

The future is serfdom unless somebody really rich comes along and saves the world.

A modern Robin Hood Fable

The world is ruled by evil, the perpetuators of war and their machines.

Somebody comes along with, let’s say, gravity control.
An obvious savior to all this folly where people die over nothing good.

And now, gravity control is not an uncommon thought. People, like me and others, have thought in terms of gravity control but the mainstream has this big rocket budget.

In a sane world the rocket people would recognize their limitations and forward their budget to those who can really get us to the stars.

Guys like us who believe in the reality of gravity control.

In my early thoughts about electromagnetics and gravity control, I never gave thought to saving the world. Well, not totally true, as a kid I wondered how ufos worked but then later when the word pollution became known, even then, I thought gravity control and the manipulation thereof would save the world from war because there would be nothing to fight for and as a world people we can go to the stars. No doubt find new people.

People used to accuse me of being an idealist and at the time I wondered how I might repent from a feeling of wanting to do something right.

And now? Must I suffer idealistic thoughts in favour of crap?

No, the ideals of humanity is global, perhaps universal.

To add balance, an evil force is always waiting in the wings.

If it were a PH balance I would vote for 7.5.

Yin Yang pussies

Lucid Dreaming

That moment between sleep and awake.

A moment.
Look up The Phase.

Lucid dreaming basically means you know you are dreaming.
And during that dream, because you know you are dreaming,
You discover that you can manipulate that dream.

We are vibrations.
the universe is a symphony

The Universe Is A Symphony

Frequencies respond in harmony or discord.

(ring) “Helllooo, Frequencies R Us.”

Nick Cook UFO Doc 2014

Nick Cook’s job is to report on secret stuff.

He wrote The Hunt For Zero Point, a book I read when it came out, then again two years later and I was amazed at how much more I had learned in the interim.
Which actually means how much more I understood after the second reading from other sources, confirmed by Nick Cook earlier.

And yet another history of ufos documentary. I always look for unique reports and pics between them, that unique pic or aspect that you didn’t see before.

Today, one of the ways to get your point across is to have a tv series and get an audience. I respect Nick Cook’s view.

Nick Cook, 2014

Also Rare MST3K

The previous post and others point to the same problem.
“man these people look like pigs”
“aahhhmmm missed him. I’ll leave a note”
“I thought I heard sirens. It’s George Goble.”
“Generic cops! They’re cheaper than brand cops”

This is rare, where the slimey movie turns into a special story.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 has made more than a thousand episodes based on the idea of talking back to the movie or tv screen. Because this episode is rare simply means not a lot of folks have seen it.

I liked it.