Words From Elon Musk

Before you think this is the voice of Elon Musk, it’s actually one of his guys who is expressing what Mr Musk is said to have said.

Luke Rudkowski narrates:

Does Elon Musk believe in gravity control?

I think so, he believes in electric cars and I believe he knows about the magnet motor, unlimited range except for flat tires and such and the battery dies.  Then simply pop in a new battery and carry on.

If this be true then Oil must surrender and be on our team.

First, the electromagnetic motor.

Then, the way is clear to gravity control.



From Our Spanish Friends

The understanding of gravity control is waking people.

This is a group of people who know what they’re talking about.  Necessary translations are there.

Our quest now is to create first a model, then a prototype.

How we finance the above is up for grabs to only non military enthusiasts because they just want to militarize the system and we’re saying, no, we reject this being a new weapon eveen if it might be.  The development of Gravity Control should not be hindered by war.  Why?  Because these local issues are diversions.

Those that be already know that the oil world is over but they won’t go down without a fight.  Despite that they’re going down.  And combustion will become a mistake in history.

Electric cars from over a hundred years ago were quite eloquent but sadly the battery of the day was not great.

Batteries with a magnet motor are the life of the batttery then you pop in a new battery;

Can we begin with who thinks they can build this: ?

Barclay Engine 1 Gray

First a model.  We need to see this device, at least as a model so we know what it looks like.  The above is more like a symbol.

On Being Digital

Digital is the virtual, the copy of the original.

Analogue is a live capture of sounds that uses a vibrating stylus to pick up the harmonics recorded for playback.

Digital records a complicated series of zeros and ones that ‘represent’ the recorded audio.  A copy.  Not a capture.

Except for dog chips and a few army volunteers, we the people are not yet digital.

Let’s use it but not be it.

We may be the Tron generation but so far we are humans, like me on the quest for gravity control, and I get to use all this wonderful technology in my pursuit but, so far I’ve rebelled against the smart phones.  I’ve always preferred my computer with the full keyboard and big screen where I can type up to 75 words a minute.  But after all my resistance, once again I get dragged along on the main wave and now I’ve been looking for a new phone, one that will last like my current ten year old ph, still receives calls and sends messages.  If I buy this new fangled phone I will save money on the great camera I like.  If I buy the great camera it will sync with my great audio recorder.  My problem is obvious.  Small budget.

If I increase my budget and buy what I need I’ll be taking a risk.

If it helps forward the quest for gravity control I’d say, it’s worth it.

Barclay Engine 1 Gray

Picture UNITY 4 001

If it’s good for GC I can do it but maybe have to eat a lot of kraft dinner.


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