On Being Digital

Digital is the virtual, the copy of the original.

Analogue is a live capture of sounds that uses a vibrating stylus to pick up the harmonics recorded for playback.

Digital records a complicated series of zeros and ones that ‘represent’ the recorded audio.  A copy.  Not a capture.

Except for dog chips and a few army volunteers, we the people are not yet digital.

Let’s use it but not be it.

We may be the Tron generation but so far we are humans, like me on the quest for gravity control, and I get to use all this wonderful technology in my pursuit but, so far I’ve rebelled against the smart phones.  I’ve always preferred my computer with the full keyboard and big screen where I can type up to 75 words a minute.  But after all my resistance, once again I get dragged along on the main wave and now I’ve been looking for a new phone, one that will last like my current ten year old ph, still receives calls and sends messages.  If I buy this new fangled phone I will save money on the great camera I like.  If I buy the great camera it will sync with my great audio recorder.  My problem is obvious.  Small budget.

If I increase my budget and buy what I need I’ll be taking a risk.

If it helps forward the quest for gravity control I’d say, it’s worth it.

Barclay Engine 1 Gray

Picture UNITY 4 001

If it’s good for GC I can do it but maybe have to eat a lot of kraft dinner.


BBC Doco on GC

No doubt we’re being suppressed.  It took years before I realized.

Gravity control has been given a false judgement, FALse.

First here’s an excerpt from a BBC documentary.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/xrzfBiFCBVk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Hmm, sorry.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrzfBiFCBVk


And here’s the promo for The Quest For Gravity Control with the word False at the end.

The status quo will try to keep the above false until they fail.

To Mr Donald Trump

If I weren’t a Canadian I’d vote for you, not for fellow Canadian Lyin’ Ted.

I believe you are the next prez and I want you to please be aware of

THE QUEST FOR GRAVITY CONTROL                                                                  the movie in search of a beginning

Not the movie so much, as the idea of gravity control, a subject currently suppressed by oil but gravity control won’t be kept down. With your help it will be sooner than later.

The Germans had a primitive version of GC in the ’30’s.  India had a craft known as vimanas running on the same principal of swirling mercury but that was five thousand years ago.

We believe our system of gravity control is the most sophisticated and far reaching….to the stars.

Mr Trump, if you take notice we’re on our way.

Sorry, President Trump, please take note of the ramifications of gravity control.  It’s fantastic.

gravity control


The Talkers

Talk Radio in America has long been mainline and first with the news.

At first it was a low rez camera where you can see the talking head wooing his microphone and creating his point of view.  Then Talk Radio became tv and now satellite.  People speaking their points of view on any given subject are now, not just global, also universal.

None of them speak of the new form of energy called

Gravity Control.

These men and women who speak for a living can make big bucks depending on their success or failure to ignite the public listener.

For all of us and there aren’t that many, talk radio appears to be a great platform to hear of gravity control.

And how we can get out of this oil fiasco, stop the wars, and get together without the nwo by creating a peaceful and forceful ambition to unite as the planet we are and look to others of honour who wish to see the human race go to the stars.

Sadly, to continue to support oil now is the path to destruction.

Gravity control is everywhere.  Do it, find it, build it and finally, we will be rid of all those explosions from bombs to combustion.

Think of your favourite note,

let’s say the musical note A lower middle C, that rings at 440 cycles per second.   Instead of combustion and bombs we would hear something like, Hmmmmmmmm.  Hey, that’s my favourite note, how nice the sound, peaceful.


Now that you’re all spazzed out it’s time to realise that we are in a transition of proportions never seen before.  If we don’t click into discovering gravity control we’ve just got more of this.  (cough)

The below is not scale but merely a symbolic example of an operating gravity control device.  What you’re looking at is a representation of an electromagneticgravitic device.  More info available at gravitycontrol.org  no charge, take it, use it.

Barclay Engine 1 Gray

Let’s build this sucker and do a good thing for the world.


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