Gwandau Team Update

Of all our forum posts, I give The Gwandau Team a First in Category, Best Post.
The Casing Theory by The Gwandau Team

To summarise, The Gwandau Team is working on the construction and activation of the Unity device from David W. Barclay. That’s the update.

Stay tuned for another update and soon too.

Meanwhile we return you now to our regular programming

Mountains Become Cities

The first time I saw Baalbek and other carved sites,
I was flabbergasted,
amazed of the thought and geometry to actually write a city plan and then carve same from a really big rock.
This is part of ancient history the stuff we don’t know about.
But we keep learning.
Geez, can you imagine wandering looking for a big rock from which to carve your dream city?
Baalbek is a city carved from solid stone.

From Iron To Gold

I was raised as a Christian but became an agnostic. My parents sent me to many sunday schools, though not religious themselves, they wanted to expose me to the religion that was imposed on them. For a while, because I was a mild child, they thought this exposure would catch and propel me into the clergy.
Today I view all religions as a sign of good. Atheists are lost and devil worshippers are bad.
The yin yang, the good and evil.

We don’t talk about this stuff here at Gravity Control. It’s all scientific and what if.

India is a six thousand year continuous civilization, so is China. They argue who’s the oldest.

This video, in the end, is a pitch to join their religion, thee one.

The video is great but….where have I heard that before?

Magic Tricks

As an only child I entertained myself by becoming a magician, ventriloquist and hypnotist.
I often wished for a brother or sister and asked my mom to drink more milk so she might have another baby.
That’s what I thought. I was young.

But, by aspiring to these topics, I was amazed that the ventriloquist doesn’t actually ‘throw’ his voice.
An illusion where the human speaks and the puppet responds but the voice actually comes from the same place. The illusion is, you believe for a moment that the puppet actually has a life of its own, and speaks.
A famous ventriloquist was Edgar Bergen.
He named his dummy Charlie McCarthy, hence, Edgar Bergen and Charly McCarthy, on radio.
Later, the question was, if it’s on radio, how do we know when Edgar Bergen as a ventriloquist, throws his voice to Charlie McCarthy, his dummy.

Before stereo, and tv.
Back then, radio was theatre of the mind.
And your imagination created images and stories beyond CGI.

I’m beginning to think I must get myself back to analog because everything is being absorbed into digital and only mathematically correct zeros and ones loom ahead.

Digital is a copy of the real world and we’re being absorbed.

And so I say, float through, dream dreams what you want to do.
Stay human and say, no robot shall be automonous, ever.

Met a Japanese guy here on Samui who was rebelling against four companies who wanted him.
He didn’t want any of them.
He wanted freedom.
Played the flute, pleasantly woke me up with it one beach morning.
Thank the stars he spoke English.
He left the island and I never saw him again but think he is either a musician or painter, or community worker or farmer, scientist, something good. He had the sensitivity of someone important to our planet.
We didn’t exchange business cards.
I admired him for his largeness of view and wish him well.