I’ve been looking for this film for years, one of the creepiest.

Invading creatures come through your smart phone.

The only way to escape….hey, it gets me off the subject of gravity control and the magnet motor, for a while.


Geez I need a music break.  This GC stuff can sap you of your essences.  Not to say I’m sapped.  Just need a little inspiration.

Harry Nilsonn rip

My kind of Weird.  Genius?  Yeah maybee.

He had a choir boy purity of voice and incredible range.

And he had a way with a lyric.  His poetry was good for the times, the 70’s.  And so as we leave the world of trump and crooked hillary, take yourself back if you can to a time of Beatles and Nillson.

I mean Nilsson.  (previously spelled wrong)

Harry Nilsson was a great and amazing guy.

Save The World

Send money before it has no value.

If you do, we’ll do gravity control before we have to ask for gold.

Cow world

AAA Barclay 4D Perfect Pixles Copy

We live in crazy times.

If you would like to pledge a hopefully large sum to Gravity Control

please contact me personally on my pledge hotline number and personal email:  jamesbsamui@icloud.com



People are standing by waiting for your calls.

Got money?  Call now!  Before our people standing by get tired and sit down.  Still, they’ll be standing by.

The Weather

As everyone says, the weather is weird. And you wonder why.
Well, first of all the sun is heating up which would heat up all planets but in the short term our planet hasn’t risen a degree in about 20 years.
Yet with operations like HAARP and stories of it’s capabilities, yes, we live in a science fiction world where you might direct your weather weapon to, let’s say a country that could not find agreement. Bzaap! Earthquake. Tsunami And the kaboom industry goes kaboom.
If I were president or king of the world I would stop the weather mongerers immediately and try to convince them to look for the good side. Such as radioactivity rendered to zero.

You know of course when we have gravity control all these weapons will disappear because there will be no need.

We live in the nuclear age.

Let’s get out of it, quick.
Yin Yang pussies

From here, the first step is the introduction of the magnet motor for battery operated electric motors.

Range problem solved for electric vehicles.

When this happens there will be a unity we haven’t seen.

Next stop, Gravity Control and we will join our neighbors in the galaxy and beyond.

Woo Hoo!

Sounds like a decent ride to arrival.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/yHWHPPHpAj8″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

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