Elon Musk’s Magnet Motor

A Gravity Control Update.

Neat stuff along the way….

Hi Elon,

Just got the following emails.

The big next move is the electric car with magnet motor.

Which of course is also your 3 hour battery. With magnet motor, 23 or 4/7

How can we penetrate your business plan and jumpstart the world and jumpstart your business.

Cut through some of the bs and get on with the magnet motor,
the answer to batteries.

It’s the magnet motor that feeds energy to the battery which goes until it dies.
then u need a New battery.

To me, as to millions, you are a hero.
Yet you and your family above wondering how to do things, you are their guy.

Please consider gravity control.

The Barclay system is shown above, how you focus to the centre of your field and create a field within a field.

Cool stuff.

Elon, if yu get this, please consider the quest for gravity control.
The magnet motor, gravity control, etc,
it’s all our future and will quieten the oil wars.
If that’s what you want.

Your interest in my above will make a difference.

Thank you.

James B. Nicholson

From: Charles Watson
Subject: Re: On board Charging unit for Tesla Motors
Date: 17 May, 2015 10:53:36 pm GMT+7
To: Jim Nicholson
Reply-To: Charles Watson

I doubt, if I do get a reply, That I will be speaking with Elon himself, but it would be interesting to see how he views this new concept. His whole career is based on solar and battery storage technology, and his present setting up of charging units . I will be polite. In a way we have something in common, an English back ground, as my Grand Mother was from London, England .Sir Richard Branson is English and is into the space age technology as well as Elon .Back in the early two thousands, Sir Richard and Al Gore were giving an award for Energy concepts. I didn’t have a working prototype or a model at that time. I am still working on other magnetic concepts using tensor fields and gravity, no electric. to get the rotary motion.But that is for another day and time. I am focusing on the WMM now.I’ll keep you posted.


On Sunday, May 17, 2015 7:50 AM, Jim Nicholson wrote:

Well, done, Charles. If you get a reply be polite which I’m sure you would be.


On 16 May, 2015, at 2:13 am, Charles Watson wrote:


I am contacting you in regards to a futuristic on board charging Unit to see if you would have interest in such a device and if you have Research & Development capabilities that could enhance the chargers capabilities. If you have R&D Tax incentives for Green Technology, this could be a win win for your Company and me. Also I see Mr Musk is selling battery storage technology to home owners. Depending on capacity of the battery system, you may be OK until Utility power is restored. But in the case of a huge storm such as hit the north in the USA power could be out for weeks. If a Generator could recharge it’s own battery on the go and still have capacity left to charge main batteries your outage problems would be solved until power is restored.Third world Countries could use this technology. Why I choose Tesla Motors is because Elon has the fortitude to get the job done as well as his co workers. this is the only E Mail I will send so hopefully it won’t go into SPAM folder. My contact information is below if you are interested. Thank you.

Charles S Watson Sr.
1 727 857 4178

Hello, Elon Musk,

We know you know this.
And as an honorable man, we look to you.

The Green Sahara

The Sahara, biggest desert in the world.
But once it was fertile.
It’s now just jumping with seeds in a meditative perhaps somnanbulistic state.
Like the state on non hyperspace where you must sleep in a low energy state while you rocket away for hundreds of years, instead of you’re here, now you’re there, instantaneous transformation.
Not recommended for tourists who want to see the land, too much of If It’s Tuesday This Must be Belgium.
This is faster, The Unity Theory.

How and why did the Sahara lose its green?
Personally I think it was lack of harmony.
I think the people at constant war killed the fertility of the Sahara Desert.

When the harmonics of evil swing back to a harmonious state,
I believe The Sahara will bloom again.


Cow world

John Butler Trio // Live at Crossroads

Hey, these guys are good.

Hey John, are you into gravity control. ? Betcha he’d say yes.

John Butler Trio // Live at Crossroads

Geez, these guys ARE good. Maybe you heard them here first.
In which case, may their genius and fame reflect in some way to GC, the only unfunded gravity control institute with a great theory lots of perseverance and a whole lot of hootzpa,
just tryin’a get the damn thing done so we can all fly away wherever and whenever we want.

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch

Gee, Dad, a cartoon, kinda like Animal Farm.
Yes, Son, calm down you skallywag (biff)
Ok, Dad, you mean it’s worse?
Yes, Son.
There was a hit novelty recording that I couldn’t find called Meanwhile back at the ranch, or it was the catch phrase, late fifties, early sixties, anyone know this hit novelty recording.

I know it’s not bingo bongo bongo I don’t wanna leave the congo oh no no no no noooo.
That was the forties.