War Of The Worlds 1953

This was a film that kept being taken off youtube, until this version.

Probably taking a cue from Ted Turner of TCM.
He colorized the black and white movies he bought from MGM and claimed it to be a new product.
This film has only a center spotlight. The rest is quite dark.
Following on the Ted Turner loophole, the TTL,
maybe it qualifies as a new product where the original is tampered with, a la Andy Warhol.

If you haven’t seen this film from 1953, with this version you only get a glimpse from that centre spotlight. I was nine when I first saw this film and many times since then.
It still holds up.
Unlike the Steven Spielberg remake.
Same old plan. Now that we’re so hi tech we’ll just dazzle them with that kind of footwork.
After we’re dazzled a couple of times and we get used to CGI, it becomes hohum.

A good story well told still works. This is a good example:

Light And Lasers

The question they ask in this video is,

Did our jump in technology come from reverse-engineered alien technology?

Although published this year, the documentary must be about fifteen years old.
Nevertheless, well documented and well produced.

To: Professor Hal Puthoff

Dear Dr Hal, I’ve received numerous emails from people who think they are writing to you.

I recall our association when I asked if I might write about you and you said, yes.
The Amazing Dr Hal

Here’s a recent example from someone who thinks I’m you.

Dear Prof Hal

I have just come across your website “Gravity Control” and I firmly believe in your statement “Gravity Control is a matter of time”. Please find enclosed my hypothesis on how everything is interconnected. It is my original work and it takes a totally new perspective on quantum gravity. I have just update(d) this to include an explanation for the Casimir effect.Through my hypothesis I have also thought of a practical method to produce gravity disruption / reduction / anti-gravity for which I have written a patent format.

I enclose the version in word format but it can also been viewed on the following link which is constantly being updated.


I would be honored to learn of your opinion regarding the above and perhaps help me put mathematics into my hypothesis. If you feel there is merit in my hypothesis then I would like to discuss with you my method to produce gravity reduction. Many thanks.

Kind regards

Pal Sahota

When Dr Hal and I spoke, it was after his 20 years of remote viewing. He explained that he was kind of a middleman for new ideas.

Ten years ago I couldn’t sell Dr Hal on the idea of gravity control. He already knew.

The quest for gravity control continues.