Ah, The Electromagnetic Age

On the way to gravity control we must first work out the electromagnetic aspect.
That’s where batteries lose their current position.

And oil loses it’s first position.
But the truth is, that doesn’t matter.

Get together gang.

What’s good for all of us?

I know.

Gravity control.

Sadly, that thought is premature and what first must be solved is,
how the magnet motor makes the electric car go forever, well, however long the battery lasts. I have discovered that we can’t just jump to gravity control and convince the world of its truth.

The year is 2016, wow, beyond the 20th century and we’re still alive.

Thank you rockets.

Thank you oil.

Thank you for the combustion, the explosions globally that run our vehicles.

Gravity Control has been a subject for the last and this century.

I suggest we get it done. And end all of the shit we’re currently putting up with.

Gravity Control Now!

But first, the great experience of electromagnetic.

What we need is of course money but as Charles Watson says,

we need well engineered parts not just off the shelf.

Suddenly, if we can pull off the introduction of the WMM, the magnet motor, to the electric industry, sadly it looks like we need money, making us no different than anyone else.

Still, whatever it takes.

It’s the pivot and the fulcrum.

And the balance is shifting so much we find we must ask for money.

Sorry, but it’s for a good cause.

Life carries on?

Barclay Engine 1 Gray

Watch this space for a representative look at the Unity Device.

Meanwhile I still love Isaac’s vision of the Unity device.



Hard to believe we’re finally back again.

This is the point where I ask you all to make a mirror site.
So the next time we go down we still have the files.
And the mirror sites.

I can understand that oil wants us shushed up.
Because they know, between electric and electromagnetic and soon,
But I plead with oil to support us, they know they should.

Nice to be back.
My idea is that we make a model, followed by a prototype.
After that we make a model for everybody.

The Animal Communicator

While we rail on about gravity control being the next level, along comes someone who communicates with creatures other than human, and it’s real.

The following doc is available by way of Nexus Magazine for AU$38.00.

I have an affinity with animals and insects but not like this lady,
Anna Breytenbach, who gets on their frequency and they talk.

She makes me want to try to do what she does.

Is she unique or can we all do it.
Only earth dwellers who already know know for sure.
That, it’s possible we could all get along.

And Now The Noos

It’s almost like a break to see the regular news.

Meanwhile on the edgy news, they continue to report on the progression of Planet X or Nibiru, the planet, with brown dwarf star and its solar system, that we’re told comes through every 3600 years. If true, are we ready this cycle where normally we get blasted back to the stone age? There’s another cycle based on about 26,000 years.

I’m watching Megyn Kelly on Fox News. I use to watch that ‘fair and biassed’ network as a cartoon. And by the way, Fox News has the greatest graphics.

Right now the two people on screen are talking about racism, ho hum.
If you have the time, watch this, what America is watching.
But they’re not just watching this, they’re also watching this:

And now the noos,

The reason for the above is because I have been in contact with Roger Stone regards gravity control. I asked him to remember gravity control to President Trump.
No reply yet.
Guess they’re busy.

Breaking News: Donald Trump says he’ll announce his VP tomorrow at eleven am.

It’s Wednesday in America, it’s Thursday on Samui.
We here on this island won’t know till Saturday the big Trump announcement.
Living here in the future we end up playing catchup.

I’m a Canadian in Thailand watching the world from here.

Scoping down to the Trump Phenomenon, may I say agin…no,
too late, Bernie has actually endorsed Hillary for Prison.
I said several months ago, President Trump and Vice President Bernie.
My conservative friend said, that’s impossible.
And since Bernie has now endorsed Hillary,
he’s essentially cut the cord to Trump.
Or what?

Videos such as the one up there have the capability of hypnotizing the audience
always anticipating and curious about the next thing.
You can imagine too many people watching this stuff too much.
Like me right now, oops the end.

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