Gravity Control: Something New And Old

It’s time for me to unload some stuff I’ve been keeping for too long.

Here we go!   zzzz……whap lopbomaloomop and a zisboombam

Hmm, I’m having trouble where to start.

Let’s start with frequencies.  We hear a limited range of frequencies but we know they exist above and below our capabilities.  That’s the hear part.  Then the See part.  We see colours all the way up or down to infrared.  And that’s it.  Our human range of seeing and hearing is limited but thankfully our understanding is greater.  Time passes.

Over time I’ve been adding to my book, The Quest For Gravity Control.  Thinking I would just upload what I have so far, I was met with this message:  The Quest For Gravity Control.pagesSorry, this file type is not permitted for security reasons.

Well, okay guys.  Nice to know you’re there.

Anybody want to help make the leap to gravity control?

AAA Barclay 4D Perfect Pixles Copy



Joe Rogan Talks To Steven Greer


Whatch Watch.

Love Joe Rogan. Was always suspect of Steven Greer but with this interview I’ve learned a lot and now as the interview unfolds I have a better feeling about this guy because he speaks the right speeches, and yet…

And yet, even though Dr Greer has money making plans I can’t fault him for that.  Maybe I should take his tour where he produces ufos for the folks who paid to see.

But hey, don’t let me colour your skepto any more.

Whatch!  (what)


Note, as the conversation covers electromagnetism, gravity control,

And of course time travel, all our favourite subjects.

” The final frontier is not space.

It’s consciousness”

Sounds logical.  I’m semi conscious and want more.

The Dropa Stones

The Dropa Stones. 12 thousand years ago. The Dropa Tribe, those who didn’t get to go back?  For those who don’t know it was a crash of their vehicle.  But for the survivors they couldn’t put it back together and so they were stuck here.
Still here.

The Dropa Tribe today is people who were born later but still, many believe they are descendants from the Dropa people who made a mistake in somehow crashing here.  Their Dropa stones seem to have failed them.

Crashed ufo.  China’s Roswell except that it’s 12 thousand years ago.

Not 1947.

The other story of the Dropas is Chinese frequency experts who with drums and other instruments of various frequencies were seen to raise a big rock from the ground to a higher position halfway up a mountain.

Wanted.  A frequency expert.  I know some things but I’m looking for a frequency expert,  someone who knows much more than me.

Frequency.  We each have our own frequency, an id that you are you.



Star Trek & Stars Wars

First there was Star Trek the tv series that was cancelled and there was such an uproar the network brought it back.  Now they’re making episodes into movies and they’ve moved forward by generations.

Then in 1977 a movie called Star Wars.

Loved the first one like so many movies before their sequels.

Flash to now and JJ Abrams has lassooed the Star Wars franchise, beginning with Star Wars The Awakening. Looks like a money maker but for me, I think it was 1979 when the second Star Wars movie was anxiously awaited.  And I was was disappointed and became moreso with each following sequel.

Why?  Because if you recall by 2001 we should have had cities on the moon and publicly we have none of Stanley Kubrick’s vision from 1967.  2001 A Space Odyssey. monolith

Star Trek, inspired a lot of people.  And its success spawned movie sequels and jobs for generations which continues today.

We refer to things and people today as brands, you, your dog or your company represents a brand.  I don’t accept the idea of branding because if you allow it you lose your free thinking.

Star Wars. In this case,

a galaxy far away and not in our time, fantasia of events, fascinating adventure….

Just…. not true.

Yet millions the world over have loved Star Trek and Star Wars.  Inspiring adventures of the future.  Notice in many science fiction movies gravity control is obviously how the alien craft works but is never referred to, it just happens.

Howard Hawkes made the original The Thing
In 1980 John Carpenter made the first remake with Kurt Russell and a first class team of players.

But for me the most gut wrenching movie was Alien.

When the alien baby came out of that guy’s chest I was sitting in my car with friends at a Drive In Movie  drinking beer, smoking a joint and watching the movie. We were all creeped out by that.

Some flying craft in those movies appear to be operating by gravity control.  How does it work?  Well, the device that powers gravity control looks sort of like this.

Barclay Engine 1 Gray


The above is from Isaac the Artist in San Francisco.  For a guy who has no concept of what I’m telling him he created a good example of how it really looks.

Picture UNITY 4 001



Let’s make a movie about gravity control.

Look for two movie trailers for

The Quest For Gravity Control

might be fun



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