The Lost Crystal Caves

This is a two hour compression of a few years of documentation.

Crystals.  The size of a forest.

And I ask, what do they do?
Aside from run our whole world of computers and communications.  Wish I had a tiny chip of these huge crystals, perhaps for connections.?

Be A Lucky Man

Yes, be a lucky man if you can.  Most who might read this understand that luck might be a cycle or perhaps your actions to advance yourself as in, giving yourself help.  I always give a certain amount of credit to things beyond my control, and I always look for angels on my shoulder and say, thank you.  I’ve never seem them so far but, since we all have our own frequency I can’t help but wonder if these beings are right in front of our face and the reason we can’t see them is because they operate at a different frequency.


If you have a friend on whom you think
you can rely – You are a lucky man!
If you’ve found the reason to live on and
not to die – You are a lucky man!
Preachers and poets and scholars don’t know it,
Temples and statues and steeples won’t show it,
If you’ve got the secret just try not to blow
it – Stay a lucky man!
If you’ve found the meaning of the truth
in this old world- You are a lucky man!
If knowledge hangs around your neck like
pearls instead of chains – You are a lucky man!
Takers and fakers and talkers won’t tell you.
Teachers and preachers will just buy and sell you.
When no one can tempt you with heaven or hell-
You’ll be a lucky man!

From Nova

We love Nova and this doc shows a history of great science that leads to gravity control.  What I believe here is, there is a quest.

What might that be?

Whatever, history shows over and over that it is the science radicals who advance science,

The idea is to go forward and make friends.

Tesla might have said, I feed the pigeons because they are my true friends.

And Trump says Darpa and everybody else coveting new good stuff must release the information now and inspire the planet.

And be assured, is known by Trump and Roger Stone.

Instead of suppression, now maybe we can do this.



gravity control

Negative Gravity Control

This is a video from creator, Paul Messenger, his first video after years of trying to create a device to negate gravity.

The Paul Messenger Device

Message from Messenger, Paul:

When I embarked on this build I had 2 fundamental choices.

The first was a wheel with a normal hub, but with all the levitational magnets around it.

This would be easier to get to rotate at speed, but would require using a lot of internal 

space, and I really thought that this would not work as the concept required complete

isolation of the rotor from the machine.

The second choice was to try to spin a magnetically levitating rotor using small frame

mounted retractable guide wheels. This proved to be very difficult for me to achieve.

There is considerable bouncing as the magnetic fields try to move the rotor out of 

alignment. I have not been able to get sufficient speed for successful dynamic rotation.

I recently had a new thought. A third option. A hybrid system to convert my existing

machine. This would see a large spoke wheel within the machine. The retractable guide

wheels would be mounted on this wheel, and would be held firmly against the rotor.

When a suitable speed is reached for guide wheel retraction, this would occur while

both the rotor and wheel are moving at the same speed relative to each other. As the wheel

is not driven it would then just stop, and the dynamically spinning rotor would have the 

isolation I believe to be desirable. 

I have made a start on building the parts required for this conversion. Initially I will fix the 

spoke wheel directly to the rotor for simplicity, but will make the wheel for possible addition of

the guide wheels. I expect it will take a few months to get the machine running again.

As can be seen in the video, the machine is now running in this new mode. Top speed so far is

4.2 meters per second. Some work is required on programming to allow for remote (safe)

incremental speed increase. I will need about 10 MPS for guide wheel retraction to achieve

full dynamic levitating rotation of the Rotor. This is a guess only. 7 MPS is 1 rev per second.

With the central wheel installed the current is now remaining steady. This appears to be air

resistance from the spokes. I may need to provide covers, as in racing bikes, to minimize this.

A freely rotating levitating Rotor should require very little power.


In The Dark

We are in the dark.  All we do is see strange things in the sky and say, gee, gee whiz.

Gravity Control Dot Org asks the further question, how do they work?

Here are some recent puzzlers which we might define as working with magnets, such as W, David Barclay’s theory of focus to the centre of where you are, Earth.  The idea being, focus and go.

As we watch the latest ufo antics, instead of classified, when will they say, ok, we still don’t know how they work and then come to us and ask us to explain.    One word, focus.  Something that looks like this.

Barclay Engine 1 Gray

Maybe not exactly like that but it’s a start.


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