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Monatomic Elements

Jim Marrs is the speaker who is talking about monatomic gold.
His bio:

Another monatomic wizard to pay attention to is Dr. John Milewski who demonstrates a process for growing gold from bottle glass.  John is a retired engineer who spent many years working at Los Alamos and now has his own lab in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I recently discovered the amazing work of Dr. John V. Milewski who himself has a long and interesting history…he has written many technical papers and edited a number of books as well as holding his own patents and is the president of Superkinetic Inc.

You might wonder what any of this has to do with gravity control…actually it has everything to do with gravity control, the book Unity and Project Unity.

You might know John from his video on utube where he is telling a noisy bunch about growing gold from bottle glass…beer bottles actually, so the jokers in the crowd want to know how many beers you have to drink to grow gold.

So John carries on and produces some silver in his microwave oven and pours it into a mold…now that gets my attention.  The reason why he chose to grow some silver was that it takes 3 or 4 repeated microwave sessions to produce gold or grow gold from bottle glass, and silver only requires 1 single microwaving.

This process of growing gold and or silver is much like the now famous Frozen Light Experiment but achieved in an opposite manner…this little gem does the opposite of that which the Frozen Light Experiment achieved.  The microwave process reduces the non-linear time field frequency acceleration of the monatomic gold contained in the bottle glass and forces the monatomic atoms to find each other and form molecules.  It is only due to the high energy state of monatomic elements that they are capable of existing as single atoms…reduce the high energy state and they form molecules which in the case of gold will look like gold and not like white powder.  Not only looks like gold but is gold.

There is much more though…the white powder (monatomic gold) when placed in a pan created a what ! moment…adding the white powder to the pan caused the pan containing the white powder to weigh less than the pan itself before the white powder was added.  So the monatomic gold has an effect on gravity…due to the high energy state of the monatomic material.

The next what! moment occurred when the pan containing the white powder was subjected to heat…the white powder simply vanished…it blinked out and was invisible…the white powder has left the pan…but when the pan was allowed to cool the white powder was back in the pan exactly as it was before it vanished.

In this case the heating of the pan increased the ratio of energy per unit of mass associated with the white powder (monatomic gold).  The white powder is in the highest energy state as it is nothing less than single atoms  existing in the monatomic form…and remaining relative to the environment in which they exist.  This is the highest energy state they can be in and remain visible or to put it another way…to remain in the here and now of the Earth’s relative field state.  Any further increase in the underlying energy (field frequency acceleration) forces the monatomic material from the here and now and into the future of the Earth’s relative field state…this is instantaneous transformation.

So there you have it…gravity control and instantaneous transformation.

There is a bit more though…which did not occur to me until today…color or colour is the result of a differential in the underlying energy of that which has color.  The color will vary depending on the underlying energy of the environment in which the color is being observed…or the environment from which the color is being observed.  Let’s say you are observing a structure which is yellow to orange…when viewed from a higher energy state relative to the environment in which the structure appears yellow to orange…the structure will appear to be more red…the color will shift to the red.  Consequently the standard concept of the blue shift and red shift has nothing to do with coming or going and or distance but simply corresponds to a differential in the underlying energy relative to the observer.

I am hopeful this is enough to encourage a little interest in Unity the book and Project Unity…keeping in mind that any physical hardware is not only physical but equally metaphysical at the same time or in the same breath.

In my opinion this is absolutely amazing.




It’s the latest buzz, anti-matter is soon to be available in a store near you.

The idea of there being such a thing as anti-matter should at the very least cause some difficult questions to be asked, which in turn would require some solid answers.  But this is not the case at all as it is assumed that anti-matter provides a balancing point for normal matter.

It is assumed that at the start of the big bang there was in fact an equal quantity of matter and anti-matter with matter winning out and anti-matter simply vanishing into whatever anti-matter vanishes into.

However, the whole idea is not exactly a good one as the very existence of anti-matter is based on a very shaky theory concerning the origin of universe, where one assumption is based on another assumption which in turn supports two more assumptions and so on and so on.

Now we have students who are attempting to capture anti-matter in a magnetic frozen trap, which sounds about as well understood as the frozen light experiment.  But a little misunderstanding shouldn’t be allowed to stand in the way of progress now should it?

Before we go waving flags and shouting anti-matter from the roof tops we should first consider the possibility that we just might be looking at the basic bones of universe upside down and back to front.  And if we turn the picture up the right way and turn it around so we can see the front of the picture we might just discover a few things finally making a bit of sense.

Without considering a basic underlying energy sustaining and perpetuating all physical structure we are not apt to make much progress towards a better understanding of universe.  And as simple as such an understanding might be it is not at all easy to grasp if only due to our insistence in holding the picture upside down and back to front.

The book Unity, available as a free download from this web site attempts to explain the nature of this underlying energy sustaining and perpetuating the structural dynamics of all physical matter.  From this we can clearly understand that matter can in fact vanish and can in turn reappear.  Matter, physical matter, can in fact be transformed from one time/line state to another and back again as often as we please.

I’m sorry kids but there is no anti-matter, but there is something even better which actually exists and has a practical application…and that something is time field frequency acceleration which can be modulated in a controlled fashion allowing for instantaneous transformation.

Check it out…you might be glad you did.

Gravity Control by Laser

Hi everybody. My name is Mohammad Mansouryar & I like the idea of the faster-than-light travels. When I look at the night stars, I ask myself would we see someday that we could travel to those star systems & their galaxies?
There is no way that mankind could go those places with the limitations regarding the speed of light. Fortunately, there are physically meaningful methods to solve that problem. I mean two classes of solutions for the Einstein’s gravitational field equations in the general relativity theory, called the traversable wormholes and warp drives. Such solutions (especially wormholes) do allow one to make a shortcut in the fabric of spacetime to reduce the needed time of passing a distance between two remote points. Those are famous notions in sci-fi literature (movies/books …) and you can find many data on them as the text, image and video throughout the internet.

The basic obstacle with them, is the required energy; they need negative energy! As far as I know, there are two main approaches to generate the negative energy density in the literature. The Casimir effect and the squeezed vacuum effect. The Casimir effect is pretty well-known, but it is confined in the walls and cavities, while we need a remarkable amount of the negative energy in free space to engineer them rather easily.
Recently, I’ve released a preprint which I think that deserves to be considered as a solution candidate, or at least part of the solution. I believe we need to focus on the concept of transporting the targeted (negative) energy localized in space, to another region of the space. That seems appropriate with the squeezed vacuum caused by the laser beams. One tool for that goal might be the soliton theory. A soliton is a self-reinforcing solitary wave (a wave packet or pulse) that maintains its shape while it travels at constant speed.
An interesting feature about my paper is that its category is quantum physics (mostly because of the quantum vacuum energy implications), the framework is about the laser beams, most of the references are from nonlinear topics, and it tries to deal with a need in the gravity! So as you see, it’s quite dependent on various branches of physics and math. In my opinion, it could be verified in a proper lab by  present technology and with ordinary cost.
I hope the scientific activities could help all to have more peace and a better life. As an example, I am Iranian and I applied five papers from an Israeli author, Boris A. Malomed et al, and found them useful for my work. I believe these affairs could help different nations to understand each other better and respect each other more. Not to mention if this “physics of distance reduction” would be realized, there would be no definite sense for the words like: nations, borders, and countries!

Good luck,

P.S.: I thank the admin team who let me send this post.

Danger…EMF is a Health Hazard

Recent studies and some old studies have found that electromagnetic radiation is harmful to our health, but also a hazard to insects,  birds and animals etc.

Cells are damaged by electromagnetic radiation whether it comes from your cell phone, the transmission tower, high voltage power lines, radar, variable speed electric motors etc. etc. or just bad wiring.

Still the problem is poorly understood although the effects are obvious.

The book Unity available as a free download from this site explains the relationship of electromagnetic radiation and field distortions affecting the dynamics of physical structure.

Of course the hazards of wireless gizmos and gadgets is played down and often blindly denied because a whole lot of money is involved.  Wireless communications systems reap big profits and those profits are being defended. Electricity in schools.pdf

It is the non-uniformity of electromagnetic radiation which causes distortions and distortions, field distortions,  affect the dynamics of physical structure.

DNA is altered, the immune system is suppressed and our health declines.

Considering the fact that we’re not even sure what electricity is it is not too surprising to discover we do not know why dirty electricity has a negative effect on our well being.

A most serious situation, because distortional effects can kill us.

Distortinal effects kill Swallow embryos, where Swallows nest close to cell towers.

Distortional effects kill insects, such as honey bees.

A cell phone close to a hive will cause colony collapse to occur.

Some researchers are referring to such effects as the worst threat to human health in history and for the most part too many of us are brushing it off as hysteria.

It’s time to wake up and realize that electromagnetic radiation causes distortional effects…effects which alter the dynamics of physical structure.

New Energy (the simple approach)

New energy promises many things, not the least of which is a clean and efficient method of producing electricity.

Water driven turbines already do exactly that, but water power is not available in many parts of the world or there is insufficient water power to provide for the demand of electricity.

Many methods have been investigated and some have proven somewhat successful, but still fall short of providing for the worlds energy needs.

The idea of taping into the aether field is a new energy dream, but few seem to realize that all events, actions, reactions, form and structure are initially driven by aether energy without which there would be no universe.

We view actions and reactions seemingly through a mirror whereby we see or view the universe back to front or simply put; ass backwards.

If new energy is to be successfully developed we have to know exactly what energy is in respect to how energy affects the form and function of all physical structure.

The idea of a mechanical devise providing electrical power over shadows the source of electricity.

There is nothing mechanical about the universe, the earth, moon or sun and each system has its own power source.

Electricity is a dynamic response to a differential in the underlying energy of the system involved.  This means a hydro electric plant on our planet takes advantage of a naturally occurring differential in this underlying energy.  Nothing too complicated about that.

But our planet earth also functions on the basis of an energy differential sustaining and perpetuating the earths form and function, which is in and of itself a dynamic system.

If we are to employ this underlying energy for our industrial and domestic power supply we must learn to modulate this aether energy in a controlled manner.

This takes us into a whole new realm which we may not have considered possible.

We have made up many rules over the years, one of which suggests that no new energy is created and no energy is destroyed, which may or may not be correct.  But one thing is certain, the underlying energy of universe is dynamic and continually increasing.

Therefore it would be impossible to run out of this naturally occurring energy.

Each and every system of universe represents an energy well where an inflow of energy is focused to the core and by designing and constructing a modular system we could provide for the worlds energy needs.

Not at all impossible, but to date given very little serious consideration.