The Problem Is This

This documentary, four parts, explains our new corporate position.
It is totally corrupt.

The Quest For Gravity Control is legitimate.

What you see here is the reason the world is failing.

  • Jim

    The Fukushima secret. Don’t wanna say it.
    The financial crisis. Don’ wanna say it.
    The pollution and global warming. Say it.
    The oil wars. Say gravity control.
    We can do this fast or we can do this slow.
    I choose fast.
    As, I look back it almost looks like lyrics to a current protest song.
    Please, let’s get hold of gravity control sooner. There is no later.

  • Turtle Read Dave

    I have never seen such a total breakdown across borders and continents as this one and I laugh when the so-called Masters of the Universe are called on the carpet and asked to explain and they say things like, No one could have foreseen this or Our models were off. Bunk! Greed and take the money and run, was the name of the game.

  • David

    Self regulated industries whether they be financial institutions or electronics manufacturers, they are all sailing the same class of ships…with names such as; Deception, Greed, Arrogance, Dishonesty and Covert.

    Trust me says the CEO…trust me says the banker, trust me says the president…trust me, trust me, trust me to never tell the truth. If I did I’d be out on my ass as quick as a wink, so I’ll swear on a stack of bibles to lie my head off if that is what it takes to hold the course.

  • charles

    David hit it right on the head !!!