• Turtle Read Dave

    It appears as though the comments box was sheared from the article and vice-versa. You have some interesting computer problems.

  • Turtle Read Dave

    Another article and comment(s) against absolute values vs. relative values. Well, hell, it’s like this, you have to start somewhere. And education has decided that moving from the simple to the complex is easier for the student, so 1 + 1 = 2 is the start. The Universe is not a clockwork that God winds up and leaves running, but something that is much more than we could imagine.

  • David

    I understand the convenience of the process but to suggest the possibility of an absolute value defining a linear based duration of time or a linear based unit of measure creates a fools paradise.

    Such an idea suggests it possible to make an absolute distinction between one second and the next and or an absolute distinction between one metre and the next and so on when no such distinction is possible.

    To maintain the possibility of an absolute quantity defining any aspect of universe must equally apply to all aspects of universe at all times which requires the universe to remain static. Since this is not the case who are we attempting to fool?