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the benefits of gravity control

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Author Topic: the benefits of gravity control  (Read 72 times)
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Other than providing for an efficient aerospace drive, gravity control opens the door to many potential benefits.

Not only would we have encountered an unlimited source of energy, but a system of technology which is presently considered nothing more than science fiction.

Imagine if you will an instrument capable of curing and or treating any known illness or disease in an effective and efficient manner.  A simple tool capable of curing any and all forms of cancer, HIV or other illness.

An instrument capable of accelerating any healing process.

Instruments capable of not only extending one’s life expectancy but ensuring an increased quality of life.

But this is only the beginning, as gravity control also provides the key to quantum computing and quantum communications, which for the most part is presently considered an incomprehensible concept.

Inter field access allows for access to what we refer to as the multiverse, in other words both past and future conditions of universe would become accessible.

So when we talk about gravity control we are talking about the science and technology of the future, we are talking about an intellectual and spiritual revolution where no stone is left unturned and no secret unknown.

Gravity control makes deception obsolete and cooperation a mandatory essential for survival.

Perhaps peace might finally find its way into our minds, hearts and souls.


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David, so good to be back talking with you all.

Admirable words in your above post, and possibly some clues as where to look?

Into the past, look under the stones, look into the stones.

I have been trying to absorb this word, CHIRALITY.

It leads directly back to cocoliths, these tiny single cell creations ruled the entire globe.

They deposit their remains on the ocean floors and are now to be found as limestone, and chalk .

I consider this material has an inbuilt ability to store  and redirect a form of light, and that it was employed by ancient mankind to do this.

Something recently happened again to me at an ancient site, I was trying to photograph a crop circle that had appeared in wheat at the side of an ancient stone circle, to gain height I climbed on top of what are known as the whispering knights ( not something I would condone or promote )

But, when I stood on top of these stones a very strange occurance happened, sound which I have never heard before, but really importantly , I was having difficulty staying on the stones as I was almost been lifted in all directions, one step to the side and instantly it stopped, a step back and there it was again.

I have experienced a similer incident at a stone circle in cornwall, hence why I looked into gravity.

The rollright stone circle , imho, as are most of these constructions are there to accumulate a form of light, aether, orgone, plasma, etc etc.

They achieve this by way of chirality of the elements contained within them.

I dont now look at the pyramids, I look at the vast amount of limestone, perfectly positioned .

If I wasn’t fully in the field of this planet on the top of those stones, where was I, two detectable flows (BY dowsing) of the accumulated light travel across the wheat field where the crop circle was, and hit these stones , they will have been, imo, origonally the enterance to a long barrow, where the light was fired into ( ancient people, imo, will have percieved of this as the deceased spirit ) it there enters and re-emitts by way of spirals and symbiotically through water( hydrogen )

There must be an incoming endless supply into this and all other celestial bodies, operating in a never ending method of accumulation, until the material implodes and re-emits its light content?

If we re-learn how to harness this, bingo?

Look back, to see the future?


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