jdecker 2002

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jdecker 2002

Switch Off Time And Inertia And You’re There

When scientists measure the light emanating from our sun they know that the light, travelling at 186,000 miles per second takes eight minutes to reach us. But when they measure the sun’s gravity they discover that the actual position of the sun is eight minutes ahead of where the light is coming from. This means that gravity is instantaneous, or at least a lot faster than light. And if you travel by gravity control there would be no neck-snapping inertia, you’d be anywhere in a blink and you would have effectively shut down time, compared to travelling at the speed of light. For those who really want to get around it sounds like the way to go.

Taken For A Ride Which Isn’t Over Yet

In the ten part Steven Speilberg tv series, Taken, the first thing you notice is that there are certain ‘givens’ up front. Like, 1948, Roswell, there was a crash, occupants were taken and they did have a captured ufo but they couldn’t find any motor in it. Fifty years of parallel fictionalized events are covered in the series based on actual news reports, books, magazines, movies. Another given is the utter and total acceptance that the government knows all and is in fear of releasing the info to the public in case of panic or more clandestine reasons. But surely if this were true we wouldn’t be spending several kings’ ransoms with rockets to the moon and beyond.

Well, maybe not. If we switched to gravity control instead of the oil industry’s combustible engine, whether it had been in the fifties, sixties or today, the logic might be that we’d throw the whole world out of whack, economically. Might be true but I think we can handle it. I’m sure we could wing it and muddle through. There may be more fiction out there than we thought. But it’s leading us anyway to the quest for gravity control. With the way things are, sooner would be better than later, while we still have a choice.

The Aether Is Everywhere

One of the intersting benefits of searching for the elusive future propulsion system of gravity control is the great discovery of related technology. In quantum mechanics it all comes down to the field, the aether that is all around us. That missing 90% of the universe called dark matter is presumed to be the aether and it consists of atoms at the ready. Ready to be something, a chair, a rock, a person. Our reality. The potential of the aether is to power a craft based on gravity control.

Nikola Tesla in 1932 converted a Pierce Arrow from combustion to electric. With the car prepped to run electrically, Tesla visited a nearby hardware store and with items off the shelf, built a unit in his hotel room the night before the test that reportedly captured power from the aether and converted it to electricity. The gizmo sat next to Tesla on the passenger seat of the car. He inserted two rods into the unit and declared, “Now we have power”. After running the car on this mysterious source of power for four hundred miles he said he could continue until the car wore out and fell apart. In other words, the power derived from the aether was limitless, and free. Free is nice. But not to the oil industry. That car and it’s aether generator have disappeared.

Today the idea of power from the aether is stronger than ever. And it may have been accomplished numerous times in the past hundred or so years. People mistook these devices to be perpetual motion machines. They’re not. The power to run them is coming from somewhere. We just don’t know where, yet.

Falling Leaf Pattern

In the quest for gravity control, it’s easy to get side-tracked. When reading all those books on ufo’s so many years ago, I would recall the feeling I had as I closed book after book. It was always the same. That feeling, of not knowing, of being no closer to the truth. The only thing I knew for sure was that almost everyone who saw a ufo land included the same description. It hovered, then descended like a falling leaf fluttering down in the wind. This knowledge was culled from thousands of reports around the world and these people had no knowledge of each other. But they invariably included the falling leaf phenomenon as a part of what they saw.

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