Trapped in a Dynamic State

It would appear that we are trapped in the present moment, whereby the only aspect of Universe accessible to us corresponds to those conditions remaining relative to our planet Earth, in that planet Earth is our relative system of reference.
Despite the fact that all other systems remain relative to our Earth, they exist as either past or future conditions of those systems remaining relative to our Earth.
This causes a bit of a problem!
The present moment of every other system is beyond our reach. In other words we can’t get there from here.
We are presently limited to past and future conditions relative to our present moment, which means we cannot contact a present condition other than our own.
We can employ linear based technology to get into space, but in doing so we remain within the confines of our Earth’s field, in terms of a non-simultaneous condition of Universe remaining relative to our Earth.
We can access a historical aspect of our Moon, Sun and Mars etc. While we can access a future aspect of Jupiter and Saturn etc., but we cannot access the present of any other system without applying non-linear based technology allowing for instantaneous transformation, or time travel.
In this respect we must learn to traverse the simultaneous condition of Universe, whereby we are not hindered by either space or motion.
This might seem impossible, but it is hardly impossible. It is simply the only means by which to get from here to there in an efficient manner.
The existing avenue of access, restricted to linear based perceptions of space and motion, only allows us access to non-uniform conditions associated with all other systems of Universe. And in this respect we are subject to the radical effects of non-uniform potentials, which cause structural alterations on a molecular and cellular level.
Of course we can get to the moon and survive in the isolation of our space protective systems, but we dare not expose ourselves to direct contact with this foreign environment, as to do so would expose us to direct contact with non-uniform potentials, whereby such non-uniform potentials cause genetic deformities, cancerous anomalies and in the case of the moon, accelerated growth.
NASA will insist that this is not possible, but NASA is not telling the truth, as I was privy to the original test results which occurred during the Apollo Missions, which involved the testing of lunar geological samples to determine if they might produce any harmful effects or represent a hazard to the Earth’s ecology.
The various plants and animals subjected to and injected with pulverized lunar material in solution with water suffered genetic deformities, cancerous anomalies and accelerated growth.
Sending robotic systems to our neighbor planets is all very fine, but they are restricted to past and or future conditions remaining relative to our Earth.
We are not robots, we are living organisms, consequently we would not survive as the robots do.
Extraterrestrial materials in the form of solids, liquids or gases exist beyond the relative limits of our existing environment, in relation to non-uniform conditions existing relative to the uniform condition of our field system.
Therefore we cannot utilize the raw resources of space without putting our health and safety at risk.
We are prisoners of our own relative condition.
Water existing on other planets or moons is not fit for our human consumption, as such water maintains a non-uniform relationship with our earthly environment.

If we want to explore space in a meaningful and productive manner we must develop new and more modern technology based on non-linear principles.

There is no excuse for our ignorance in this respect, as we have already performed numerous experiments which indicate clearly the certainty of our situation.

Space is not an option to our survival without the appropriate science and technology. To date the reality of our situation is denied on the basis of wishing to keep the population ignorant, whereby the population continues to fund outdated and useless technology, which promises free access to the resources of space.

Hocus pocus science and rockets is not the answer.

The only answer is non-linear science and technology based upon the principles of field dynamics.

It’s time for a new dawn to be breaking.

Light Speed

Light Speed

The idea that the speed of light remains constant requires the condition of Universe be a static state, which suggests the possibility of an absolute condition existing within a relative Universe.

The speed of light having been determined to be exactly 299,792,458 meters per second is based on the assumption that the light itself is in linear motion relative to the field in which it exists, which requires the field to remain static relative to the motion of light. In other words, the light is thought to be in motion independent of the field in which it exists.

But as the field in which the light exists is not static, but dynamic, it would appear impossible for the light to be in motion independent of the field. It would seem equally impossible for the speed of light to remain constant as this would require the speed of light to represent an absolute value.

It would appear that in a dynamic Universe the speed of light would remain a relative variable, in that the speed of light would remain relative to the system of reference, whereby the speed of light would be different for every system in motion, just as time is different for every system in motion.

Therefore the speed of light is different for every atomic element, planet, moon and star etc. This would indicate that there must be an upper and lower limit to the speed of light, corresponding to the field dynamics associated with the system of reference.

This would further indicate that by modulating the underlying force of Universe in a controlled manner it would be possible to modulate the speed of light, whereby the field dynamics associated with the modulating system would determine the relative speed of light.

In this respect the controlled modulation of the underlying force would over-ride the limitations of light speed in terms of a universal constant restricting an upper limit to the velocity of a body in space. Therefore the upper speed limit of Universe is determined on the basis of those field dynamics associated with the non-simultaneous condition of Universe remaining relative to the system of reference.

Furthermore, should the dynamic upper limit of any relative system be reached relative to the field in which it is being observed, that relative system would be forced from the non-simultaneous conditon of Universe remaining relative to the field of the observer and into the simultaneous condition of Universe, whereby it would simply vanish from the field in which the observer exists.

In relation to this situation, the simultaneous condition of Universe includes both past and future conditions remaining relative to the non-absolute present moment of the system of reference, whereby both past and future conditions remain accessible in terms of the present moment remaining relative to the system of reference.

This means that both past and or future conditions of those systems existing as a portion of the non-simultaneous condition of Universe, remain relative to the system of reference, which would indicate that both the past and future remain as valid as the non-absolute present moment.

In other words, the past and or future are no less valid than the present moment, whereby it would seem extremely difficult for us to determine whether we exist in the past or future of our Earth’s existence, as there is no absolute present moment by which to make such a distinction between past and future, in terms of a relative non-simultaneous condition of Universe remaining relative to our Earth.

Whether we exist in the past or future we will always perceive ourselves to be existing in the present moment, in terms of existing in a non-simultaneous condition of Universe remaining relative to our system of reference.

This indicates that we might otherwise remain unaware that the condition of the Sun and or Moon remaining relative to our Earth are historical conditions of those systems, in that time is different for every system in motion.

Therefore, the condition of the Sun and Moon determine a non-uniform differential in time relative to the condition of our Earth, whereby all three systems share a non-uniform relationship in terms of those field dynamics determining their relative form and function.

From this it would seem apparent that there exists a differential in dynamic potential determining the condition of each system, whereby the condition of each system relative to the condition of every other system remains relative to an underlying force of energy determining the condition of field. And in this respect the condition of field only remains relative to the system or reference.

Consequently it would seem apparent that we have barely begun to consider the possibilities available to us.


My name is David Barclay and for the best part of 40 years I have been attempting to define the Universe in terms of a unified field of frequency remaining relative to each and every system of reference.
Are we there yet?
Today we know how to modulate the speed of light, gravity and electromagnetism, by means of a simple apparatus which requires no liquid, solid or gaseous fuel supply, as it functions on the same basic dynamic principles determining the form and function of all physical structure.
Where are we?
We’re at the point in time and space where we need some help to take the basic design and convert it to a working model or prototype, which is not a simple chore. It requires the aid of scientists and engineers to calibrate the focus of a four phase electromagnetic array capable of formulating a dynamic four dimensional configuration of (ntffa).
What is it?
If you want to control time, space and motion, in relation to a relative unified field system capable of modulating the non-simultaneous condition of Universe, this is the rig, which is what electrogravitics was intended to define.
Are you interested?
Not an easy one to answer, but a sure fire way to learn. And if you’ve ever wondered or thought you’d like to know what seems beyond your reach, be assured its closer than you otherwise might think. No, we’re not fooling, we haven’t got the time, we’re far too busy working to play a silly game. So, if you think you’re ready and want to talk some more, you only have to ask us and we’ll tell you what we can.

Do Any of These Work?

Gravity control in a real sense
Mar 24, 2004, 11:24
Posted originally in 1997 by Jerry Decker

Through many years of research, Jerry Decker of Keelynet has put together the following file which outlines a history of gravity control. And who knows? Maybe some of the following ideas work.
I hate the thought of suppression although I know it’s happening.
But the very thought that the oil companies would be so shortsighted in promoting their own and the auto industry that they would regard anything other than oil as a threat, somehow is hard to grasp.
If they don’t have the foresight to see that they’ll be just as involved as ever and with a better peace of mind, they’ve got the wrong public relations company or management or both.
Pr firms are great for turning a negative into a positive light but there wasn’t much they could do about the Valdez spill. Their time might be better spent in educating their clients to the new reality and I would suggest that they stop impeding the natural progression of history and get onboard.
Take a look at the following.
And wonder which ones work.
One that works is alluded to in ‘the promise’.
Stay tuned.

Decker’s Anti-Gravity Correlatives – 03/23/97

After much consideration and discussion with trusted friends, the following heretofore private file is being posted in hopes it will help to accelerate the discovery of gravity control in a real sense. It does not matter who does it, just that it is available for use by everyone. Maybe others will find it useful.
Compiled over the years and written up on December 5, 1993

Decker’s Anti-Gravity Correlatives

The following is a compilation of information pointing to the basic principle of levitation that I have found in years of collecting and analyzing levitation phenomena and which can be reduced to a basic set of “clues”.

These correlations are more than sufficient to give us engineerable approaches to the diminution or complete negation of what we term “weight” and “gravity”.

One should understand the complete fallacy regarding the Newtonian concept of gravity being an ATTRACTIVE force. Rather, the majority of evidence points to gravity being a PUSHING force, most clearly seen in the relationships of celestial bodies. The permutations associated with smaller aggregates make it more difficult to perceive the TRUE nature of “gravity”.

The simplest approach to keep in mind is that the universe is full of pressure zones that flow toward the center of all masses at a velocity proportionate to the mass aggregate size. Such a flow can be thought of as a wind blowing into the planet, with the planet functioning as a screen on which all mass is held by this incoming pressure.

We and all other mass aggregations which are associated with a particular celestial body are thus held onto the planet by this wind. Overcoming it is then simply a matter of “coming to speed” with this incoming flow.

Levity Rings

1) Keely – uses two methods

For Thrust (or levitation)

An artificial neutral center is created which causes the natural neutral center of the test mass to be drawn towards the artificial center with an attraction proportional to the energy flowing through the artificial neutral center.

For Weight Increase or aggregation of additional mass

When the artificial neutral center is superposed onto the natural center, the aether flows increase proportionate to the entraining amplitudes flowing through the artificial neutral center thus causing an increase in weight and a gradual INCREASE in the mass density.

For Levitation

A wire or ring is placed around the object. The ring is fed with a frequency that resonates with the neutral center of the mass. Such a resonance, properly directed can cause what Keely calls “high vortex action” to decrease or increase the aether flow through the mass neutral center. This flow creates the equivalent of a soliton, or a self-contained standing wave with extremely high rotational velocities on the perimeter of the mass. Such a flow directly controls the “weight” of the mass by exceeding the Flotte ‘Z’ axis or better stated, by creating a higher potential in the mass aggregate than that of the surrounding media for ejection of the mass to one more favorable to its energetic level.

Keely also reports a cooling effect of the local air when the anti-grav effect was in operation.

2) Uncle – (my FAVORITE!!)

the old man claimed he had inherited the secret of antigravity from his late uncle. “Weight is no object to me,” he said. “I suspend all gravity by placing a small wire around an object. Taken from an 1890 series airship contact case. This particular airship as in numerous other documented cases, FLOATED in the air as a ship FLOATS on water.

3) Dotto

a constantan RING, cooled and heated, creates a force like that which suspends the planets in their orbits. The velocity of energy within this ring exceeds that of the planet velocity, thus imparting a tremendous amount of energy within the space of the ring and thus providing “levitation”.

4) Tesla

“I can place a ring around the Earth at the equator and move it anywhere I so wish.” It is CLAIMED that Tesla built a levitating sphere comprised of a ball with a single ring at the equator. When this ring was fed with an alternating current at high potential, one half of the sphere became very hot, the other very cold. The sphere levitated to a height dependent on the energy applied.

5) Schappeller

a globe, the top half hot, the bottom half cold, will levitate. The globe was composed of an external sphere made of iron, with an internal sphere made of ceramic or other non-conductive, high temperature material. This internal sphere was grooved to make a path for two separate conductive copper tubes, wound in opposite directions, one for the top half, spinning from the “North” pole towards the equator, the other spinning from the “South” pole towards the equator. The copper tube was filled with a “polarized dielectric”. When the center sphere was spun with the iron sphere remaining stationary, a “glowing magnetism” was produced that could be tapped to produce free energy and/or levitation.

6) Farrow

an 18 ounce box, with a ring of electrical interrupters, when powered will produce a negative “weight” of 3 ounces to cause the box to float in the air. These electrical interrupters when fired at a frequency related or equal to that of the mass aggregate frequency, will produce the rotating sphere of high potential that results in levitation or “weight loss”

Aggregate Resonance Levitation

7) Egyptian Meru

a rectangular stone is covered on 4 sides with wet papyrus. A specially carved wooden rod is struck against the uncovered stone face and removed. While holding the rod, the vibrations will continue to increase, at the greatest amplitude, the rod is re- applied to the exposed stone face. The energy from the rod will suffuse through the stone, alter the neutral center aether flow by stimulated kindling and cause temporary levitation.

8) Leekskalnin

the hands are placed lightly over a stone to be levitated. An orally produced musical scale is run through until the hands feel a response stimulus from the stone. Each tone must be sustained to allow the mass to resonate and produce a sufficient reflection to enable detection. Once the mass aggregate resonance is hit upon, that frequency must be SUSTAINED to cause the neutral center to alter the aether flow and thus cause the mass to levitate.

Mechanical Rotation

9) Carr

found that rotation of a ring at a velocity greater than that of the Earth at its equator will produce levitation. Although Carr does not explain WHY this is so (I have since found it in Flotte’s ‘Z’ axis), it is again the control of the flow of Aether through the natural neutral center of the mass.

10) Maine Professor – courtesy of Dan Davidson

a mechanical system, possibly using uni-directional thrust to create a levitation effect. This could also be a rotational mass, using the principle of the Carr Velocity.

Vortexial Rotation

11) Brown

the Biefeld/Brown effect, IN ITS MOST ADVANCED FORM, using rotation of very high potentials on the skin of the craft to produce the artififical neutral center. Early experiments showed a correlation between high voltage charges and gravity. When these charges were rotated, the craft developed tremendous lift and thrust, as specified below.

12) Searl

the electrical and kinetic energies are resonantly coupled from high speed rotation. This rotation exceeds the Carr Velocity at the Earth’s Equator and so interacts with the neutral center of the mass to affect the aether flow and produce levitation.

13) Schauberger

by rapid rotation of sand, air, water or any other medium in a vortexial pattern, the aether flow through the neutral center of a mass can be enhanced or retarded to produce levitation.

Artificial Neutral Center

14) Wil Wilson

anecdote about a newspaper article with a picture describing a levitation device that was suppressed. A cylindrical container with a series of solenoids mounted on the top of the cylinder. Each solenoid is pointed towards a central focal point. When the solenoids are pulsed at the same frequency, the combined force creates an artificial neutral center which, depending on the amplitude of energy flowing into this artificial neutral center will cause the natural mass neutral center to be attracted to the artificial neutral center. The mass will thus be pulled in which ever direction the artificial neutral center is pointed, regardless of direction.

15) Fry

from a UFO case history, description of two rings. When dual magnetic fields are produced in these rings, the interaction will focus between the rings. This focal point will produce an artificial neutral center towards which the mass will be attracted by virtue of resonant attraction of the natural neutral center.


16) Flotte

the late Engineer Leonard Flotte, wrote an excellent book refuting the Einstein principles of Relativity. He uses a helixial system to describe planetary rotation, how such forces could be tapped, the relationship to time, gravity and other correlates.

I have spoken to the son, who understands almost nothing of his fathers work beyond saying that yes, his father had refrained from stating certain aspects of his research in the published book.

Essentially, all planetary orbits can be mapped onto a cylinder of a fixed length. The orbit, though longer in some cases, shorter in others, simply spirals around the cylinder MORE times dependent on its length. Thus, a reference frame is established known as the ‘Z’ axis. This ‘Z’ axis is thus a measure of the rotation VELOCITY of a planetary mass aggregate, otherwise known as its orbit.

The orbit of each planet is an indication of the energy level associated with that REGION OF SPACE and clues us into how we can transcend time and gravity by EXCEEDING the ‘Z’ axis, i.e. accelerating the energy level of a mass to exceed the energy level for our particular location in space.

This correlates perfectly with Russell, Pawlicki and Nieper (among others) who state that the closer to the sun or other RADIANT bodies, the greater is the energy density for that region of space. Thus, the farther one moves FROM such a radiant body, the less energetic is the local environment.

All this points to equating levitation as spitting a wet watermelon seed, from one pressure zone (energy level) to another, based on the focussed energy level IN a mass neutral center.

Renewable Energy and Alternative Ideas