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The Plausibility Of Gravity Control

Guest writer, Julia Ann, offers her take.

Whenever artificial gravity is depicted in film as a technology accessible to us at some time in the future, it gains plenty of attention in popular culture. But the technology behind this characteristic is rarely explained, just left with an aura of “what if” scenarios. We want to believe that the advances of science today are so close to a discovery that will bring gravity control technology into the mainstream.

Gravity control, or “free energy” as it is also known, has endless possibilities. Leaders in the research field include Nikola Tesla, John Keely, Thomas Townsend Brown and Ron Zocor all trying to crack the gravity barrier. Their work is about developing an energy source that is sustainable in the future. Oil reserves, electrical energy, nuclear energy are all expensive means and not meeting the needs of our modern world efficiently and affordably. They make a case for looking at gravity control for meeting the energy needs of the planet, hopefully in the near future.

In basic terms the idea is to create a relative unified field of frequency – the FFM System, and couple this with the Earth’s unified field of frequency. This would utilize the differential between the two systems, and provide an electric charge. In the surrounding environment, this would effectively create an electrical charge in the FFM system. This energy can then be transferred through an existing electrical system. Clean, affordable and can be replicated.

Of course, the FFM system is so simple! It requires no fuel supply. It just needs a controlled modulation of the underlying force of the energy, and this is where the research and testing comes into play. Project Unity is undergoing efforts to define the function of a four phase modulator. This is taking years of development, but the key players involved are finding it will have economic benefits for providing efficient, cost effective electrical power for virtually any geographic location in the world. Even under developed nations of the world can finally benefit from “free energy”!

Research and testing with the concept of gravity control is mostly carried out with machines or devices capable of achieving some degrees of levitation. Levitating masses that react with, and against, the existing gravitational pull on the planet is where the work is currently focused. There is plenty of further information about this work with Project Unity, the forerunners of the research in this field.

This is an idea whose time has come. Sky Helpline thus far has been only simulated in parabolic flying in cargo aircraft, such as what is witnessed in NASA’s effort with spinning a ship or habitat in an anti-gravitational pull.

NASA has been highly interested in projects on anti-gravitational pull for practical reasons. In the zero-gravity environment of outer space, the current propulsion technology is ineffective. It would take the entire net energy of a whole planet to reach the closest star outside our galaxy within a lifetime if we were using the current technology. realistically, nuclear power would seem more promising, but still just enough to make any sort of interstellar travel practical…if that is indeed one of NASA’s key goals. When the findings regarding gravity control are proven, this would likely be the anticipated paradigm shift that would make interstellar travel a reality.

Author: Julia Ann is an Avid Blogger and Writer from Manchester, UK with 5+ years of experience in blogging. She is interested to learn new things.

The Pharmaceutical Dilemma

Better living through chemistry was a slogan for, I think, Monsanto, whatever.

The pharmaceutical dilemma is that it’s runaway doctoring.
Real doctors are stuck in this dilemma of chemicals pharmaceutically solving every disease.

What did doctors do before pharmacy?
Ahh, the greatness of pharmacy in those early days suggested…… Natural stuff.

I once had a doctor tell me ascorbic acid was the same as vitamin c, no difference.
When I wake up I try to eat an orange every day. That, and a couple cups of coffee wakes me and helps set me on my daily course for the quest for gravity control.

As I look at the chemical imbalance of the pharmaceutical business I’m appalled.
Doctors used to have more than just pills.

Put simply, to base doctoring on pharmaceuticals is wrong.

There’s more, the whole plant world appeals to pharmaceuticals because if they moderate a natural cure they might patent it for gazillions.
Greed vs natural?
Natural cures are potent and pure.
Pharmaceuticals are an experiment gone wrong. Read the side effects.

The dilemma is that pharmaceuticals have gone wrong.
It’s a race back to natural cures.

The News

As America slides into whatever, here’s a snapshot from

With all this secret stuff and all these diversions, we must ask, when will the military industrial complex conclude that the people need to know all that secret stuff to continue to excel because to continue the secrecy of world changing information will only continue to create more turmoil.

The News

A small snapshot showing why we can’t achieve gravity control, at the moment.
Instead of drawing people to focus on gravity control we are diverted by the media to deal with subplots that have nothing to do with the big picture.

It’s true that more than ninety percent of everyone don’t give attention to gravity control. That figure is generous. It’s more like 99.9% of people could give a crap about the quest for gravity control.
We sadly, over time, also learned that the MIC (military industrial complex, the fascist corporate government now in place) does not want us to promote our vision beyond combustion.

They want to keep us back at lights in the skies while we want to move to humanity’s next phase,
the electromagnetic age.
There is no malice to oil which got us this far. It’s just time to go beyond leapfrogging combustion one more time. And on to the magnet motor, and finally, gravity control.

The Path To Virtual

“Everytime something new is introduced something old is lost.”

Are we virtual? Not yet. Are we digitized? Almost.

Do most people today know how their computer, tv, radio and refrigerator works. We are the plugged in generation but now we hear that all those useful and friendly appliances are watching us a la big brother ‘Bama.

We seem at the moment to be losing from the past and the future.
How many free energy devices that work have been accepted so far.
The past is research but the future,
with all its good stuff is being suppressed by those with another agenda.

Are we digitized? Think about it. Everything about us goes into a computer.
Our analog music and movies come back as digitized copies. Copies of the original.

Pop movies today are mostly CGI, DC Comics led, there is a plethora of films today that require the treatment of computer generated images. CGI.
Yup, all those characters up there on the big screen and the fabulous sound track have been digitized for your dining and dancing pleasure.

Where am I going, where does it end?

Technology is great but needs direction, away from secrecy, spying, wars, economic ill gains, the suppression of new ideas. All of it.
Technology is neutral

Our quest is to neutralize all this negativity with the thought of building Unity by W. David Barclay.

We ask you to focus on this, gravity control which is actually not gravity control, we like the name, but actually the tapping of the underlying force for all your power needs.

The problem that it’s free is the problem. Yet it’s not free. Devices need to be built like your cable box without which you would not receive cable.
Youtube is full of these magnetic and free energy devices, some of which seem to work without explanation.

I’ve noticed a sophistication in profiling with google, yahoo, etc. When you log on the computer says, aha, it’s you, let me get your file. All of your previous computer activity is there also your smart phone, the records are all there and have been since the first days of smartphone and before.
Try this.
where you can surf anonymously without receiving the kind of info the file says you should receive.
Just the facts, manm.

We are on the path to virtual and although we are becoming virtual beings through this process
we must preserve our humanity because that is where all this digitization came from in the first place,
the human brain.

Yay, us humans, keepers of human ideas.

Gravity Control, anyone?
Come on, someone out there will be first to take the chance to advance the human race.

Our first ten serious entrepreneur investors will receive this delightful tote bag.