The Dropa Stones

The Dropa Stones. 12 thousand years ago. The Dropa Tribe, those who didn’t get to go back?  For those who don’t know it was a crash of their vehicle.  But for the survivors they couldn’t put it back together and so they were stuck here.
Still here.

The Dropa Tribe today is people who were born later but still, many believe they are descendants from the Dropa people who made a mistake in somehow crashing here.  Their Dropa stones seem to have failed them.

Crashed ufo.  China’s Roswell except that it’s 12 thousand years ago.

Not 1947.

The other story of the Dropas is Chinese frequency experts who with drums and other instruments of various frequencies were seen to raise a big rock from the ground to a higher position halfway up a mountain.

Wanted.  A frequency expert.  I know some things but I’m looking for a frequency expert,  someone who knows much more than me.

Frequency.  We each have our own frequency, an id that you are you.