Neil Armstrong

Hermann Oberth, the father of rockets said, we had help.

I viewed a compilation of Apollo missions and all of them had anomalous views of strange glowing things following them. Nobody at nasa ever suggested, we had help. As a matter of fact they now say it would be impossible for nasa to land a man on the moon and bring him home safely. So says the current generation of amnesiac nasa. If we had help maybe now they’ve gone away which is why nasa today says, sorry, can’t do it. Perhaps the fluoride in the water has finally taken effect. Flouride Water Dumbs You Down – Harvard

Neil Armstrong was a man torn between the truth and the story. He fled to a monastery seeking truth and ridding himself of fame.

He gave a final public speech where he passed the gauntlet to the new generation and seemed to choke back tears.

Did he actually film an abandoned city on the moon?

Neil Armstrong
a great man

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  1. I apologize for not being able to show the actual video I saw. It seems to be removed and replaced with a Spanish doc.

  2. Disinformation. The original footage has been removed.

    Sorry, but I’ll leave this up for a while hoping that the original footage of which I speak might be real. And brought forth for evaluation.

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