“Ex CIA Agent”

This guy’s message appears to be, the grip of government relaxing through attrition where a bunch of government stuff being paid for just isn’t needed anymore.

Our interest of course is, the relaxation of black ops, classification, to the point at least that when some future great figure is honored, it was because of that relaxation.

It will take the military to realize that it itself must become redundant for the benefit of all.
Where nothing needs protection because everything is free.

  • Turtle Read Dave

    This so-called former spy is a political quack and, I might add, a social quack as well. This is another conservative who thinks that just because he knows a little, he could reform all levels of government. Pure B-S!

    The problem with intelligence (information) is not providing of it to our high-level political leaders. It is what they do with it when they have it. Actionable, supportable, intelligence is provided. Don’t believe me. How many leaders of Al-kada were killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan after Obama became President? One top leader in Pakistan lasted less than 30 days!

    My real hope is that these two wars are the last two wars that the US does mainly by itself. That in the future all fighting will be done by large coalitions of forces, either under alliances and/or the U.N. The US needs to rebuild and reform within its own borders and the rest of the world needs to help and do more.

  • Jim

    I think wars should be over.

    No more secrets.

    These kinds of confessionals do more good than harm by exposing like Wikileaks things that you should know.

    All the secrets around the world need exposing so that we may globally deal with what’s necessary.

    Your real hope is that America won’t lead on future wars?

    Shouldn’t that real hope be somewhat broader, to help abolish all future wars? An idealism I know, but one that I won’t give up.

  • Turtle Read Dave


    I agree with you. My hope is that all wars be over, but I believe the US has been battered enough over 50 years playing “policeman of the world” that it has not tended to its own problems, solutions, etc. within its own borders. There are no more superpowers! Come home from Germany. Let the Europeans take care of their own problems. We even had to take care of Bosnia, no help from the Europeans there and it was in their backyard! Yeah, my hope is no more war, but my realistic hope is no more American wars or wars we get sucked into by other people doing nothing but running their mouths about either how something should be done or how America should do something!

    Pardon my outburst, but I feel strongly about the rest of the world’s lack of leadership and strength in the face of adversity.