Ron Paul Meets Jack Johnson

A hypothetical meeting I look forward to happening.

Jack, would you like to introduce yourself?
Jack Johnson

And Ron, would like you to meet Jack Johnson.
Uh, Ron, maybe if you just say a few words
Ron Paul

Right. And Jack?

I’m sure you two have lots to talk about.

Later if I may I would like to talk to you both about gravity control.

  • Jim

    I posted this to the Jack Johnson Community:

    It’s not just America. The whole world seems to be losing its pinnings.

    It is my wish that Jack Johnson should meet with Ron Paul.
    I just have a good feeling that you would find common ground on things to talk about, things that need doing.

    Talk about being outside the loop, I come to you now from the island of Samui in the Gulf of Thailand. Perhaps this gives me a different perspective as a displaced Canadian with a Scottish English background. But I care enough to want the best for the world and that includes America. From my distant vantage, I think Ron Paul will change the attitude of the average American if he becomes president. He has a good shot (don’t say shot). He has the confidence of a growing group and I believe that the support of Jack Johnson might be the tipping point.

    Why you may ask do I support the idea of Ron Paul becoming president of the United States? First, because everyone else is spouting the same rhetoric and only Ron Paul wants to end personal income tax, get rid of the fed, return to sound money backed by gold, bring the troops home and stop interfering with entanglements of other nations. Seems the more people hear this radical stuff, the more they consider Ron Paul.

    I’ve never been a supportive fan of any politician before in my life. But I like this one and think that he and Jack Johnson might hit it off.