Hellyer – I believe, ufo update

This may not be gravity control per se but it’s good theatre.

Actually, more than good theatre the above is quite up to date as of this writing and represents a cross-section of the latest events. Paul Hellyer has yet to get back to us at gravity control. He’s busy out there pitching and circuiting the media. No one has asked him, have you ever met an alien? Wilburt Smith, the head of Project Magnet in the fifties talked of aliens as if they were drinking buddies. He got shut down. In the links above you’ll find that the media in America regards Mr Hellyer as having just returned from Kookland. Perhaps he should go to Brazil where the air force has just admitted ufo’s and wants to know more.

If there is a 58 year old secret about the first in modern times landing and crashing of an alien craft then that secret is on a par with the Manhattan project and area 51. Although ufo’s are a modern myth that still needs proving, the ridiculing of the subject in America has divided the nation as if it were an unpopular war. The disbelievers, and believe me it’s easier to be a disbeliever, and the believers. The believers are weird. They think it’s a space religion. But to bring this to a point, there are the believers of gravity control and its success. If the aliens are there, we could skip all this moonstation galactic war crap, they could give us the secret of their propulsion system and we would be so grateful, especially that they didn’t just cinder us, that peace would be forced to reign over our small planet. Come on, Guys.

We must POP this to get on the list

Not making the Tim Ventura Who’s Who in Antigravity list is only disappointing in one way.

Most of the list was zap and spin. There was no mention of focus, the way of harmonizing with the universe.

Those mentioned who mostly weren’t zap and spin were Tesla, Frolov, Kozyrev and….I don’t think they mentioned John Keely (checked, nope).

And the one disappointment was, W. David Barclay failed to be mentioned. The guy with the focus.


these blogs

These blogs are the theory and thoughts of David Barclay.
We get no comments, we feel, because our blogs may be too long and or too complicated.
Some might say, incomprehensible.
Yet we believe people are dropping by and checking out the new theory guy, David. His blog.
Second blog on the left.

I can only describe W. David Barclay’s theory in simple terms.
It involves creating a field within a field. In other words, the craft you are in is a field unto itself able to interact with the earth which is the outside field and everything beyond.
There is no zap and spin, merely a focus. There is no fuel nor exhaust because the system takes power direct from the aether, the underlying field of all.

That’s David’s theory in a nutmeg, hey, it’s the holiday season. But, if that excites you as it does us, read on. And please leave your questions and comments, with David, not me.

My blogs? Well, it all began with a little five thousand watt radio station….actually it was only a thousand watts, CJRl, Kenora, Ontario, Canada, hi to Dennis and Mr King….but I digress. My blogs are my thoughts and much conjecture and theory, clues, facts, sometimes wanton sometimes won ton, when I get hungry. But always with the compelling notion that it’s just around the corner. The Fuel-less Drive. To take the place of the explosive engine. The harmonizing with the vibrations all around us and being able to whisk around the universe like firefiies although quicker.

Mine is a background of fascination of that which seems at least semi real. As a kid I read so much about flying saucers that eventually I got tired of it all and the only thing I wanted to know was how they traveled. And instead of continuing to search for more lights in the sky, contactees, abductees and fuzzy photos, I began The Quest For Gravity Control, not the movie in search of a beginning, just, the quest. By about 1968 I was pretty sure that someone would come up with gravity control because pollution was a word that began to be bandied about.

In a sense, my blogs reflect the way I’ve searched more recently and newer conclusions on the subject but the kid is always in me that we can save the world and get the gc show on the road. And I know I’m not alone.

Ah, but we’ve once again tarried and become guilty of running a bit long. We believe the essence of gravity control is contained in Project Unity. Whether you’re a casual reader, a likeminded scientist or a protaganist,
we invite you to 70 pages of Project Unity.
Please use anything you want, no charge.
But please keep in touch with your experiments.

And please read my blogs too. For those listed under the Ya Wanna Know factor. Unlike David’s theory, my blogs, which follow from a downward but ever uprising scroll, are incomplete. Searching, searching, this blog may be under construction for a while but even in its temporary state might appeal to others of a similar compulsion.

Actually, if you really want to know, prepare yourself and read David’s blogs.

a thought from a guy who knew something


Wilbert Smith

Once upon a time there was a man who stood in court accused of stealing chickens. The farmer, his son and the hired man all testified that they had seen the man steal the chickens. After hearing the evidence the judge said, “Defendant, what have you to say for yourself?” The man just smiled and said, “Sir, I can produce twice as many witnesses who will testify that they did not see me steal the chickens.”

Unfortunately, this is typical of much of the thinking with respect to flying saucers. Healthy scepticism is good, but this kind of scepticism is ridiculous. Non-awareness is NOT synonymous with non-existence, and disbelief in something does not in any way detract from its reality. No one can create a fact by making a statement, and no one can get rid of a fact by denying it.

Statistically many more people have seen flying saucers than have seen atomic bombs, but the bomb information comes gilded with authority while the flying saucer information comes draped in scepticism. We do not ordinarily think to question on the basic facts upon which the information is based, but form our opinions more on the way in which the information comes to us. We live our daily lives so very much under the shadow of Authority that we instinctively attribute to Authority an omniscience, which it really does not possess, and take the easier way of succumbing to its dictates than thinking for ourselves. A fact is nonetheless a fact though having been stated by a seedy waterfront character or suave diplomat or international reputation. It is we, and we alone, who must decide for ourselves what is or is not a fact; and we are responsible to ourselves for that decision.

“Prove all things; hold fast to that which is good.” No one can prove without investigation. And investigation takes time and effort; often more than we are prepared to put forth.
If we are not prepared to make the necessary effort to carry out an adequate investigation, are we really entitled to have our opinions taken seriously?

In the absence of personal investigation, it is tempting and easy to accept Authority for Proof, but we are really fooling ourselves when we do this, since we can never really KNOW.
Better that we should keep an open mind, and seize on the individual facts as they come drifting by, until we have enough to justify an opinion which is really our own.

Wilbert B. Smith
Master of Science
U of BC